When to be naked?

Here’s a question I sometimes ask myself. For instance: friends are coming at home, shall I be naked? I am going to jog in the woods, shall I go naked? I am on holiday, shall I chose a naked venue?

The facts are, as a nudist, I am spending most of my time entirely naked. When I say entirely, I mean entirely, not even a watch or jewelry. Nudity is my normal and natural state. Unfortunately, society does not tolerate nudists everywhere, otherwise, I think I would be naked whenever weather and conditions permit.

So coming back to this post question. My natural answer is: always. However, I cannot completely cut myself from society. I therefore need to own some comfortable clothing for social interaction. Besides those moments when society requires me to be clothed, the simple answer to the question remains always! Friends are coming, I will be naked. I am jogging in the woods, I will be naked (excepted my Vibram Five Fingers and my GPS). I am going on holiday, I will chose a nudist venue if possible or will be naked whenever I can.

Nudism is the most beautiful human state. I feel great when naked and everybody can feel this. Nudism is a state of mind and a state of being. Hence, if you feel like me, be naked whenever you can and share your love and passion for nudity. You risk losing some friends who will find you nuts, but you may gain new nudist friends who will share nudity in harmony!

Get naked, stay naked, live naked, love naked!

13 thoughts on “When to be naked?

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    • I agree Bruce, except when non-Naturist friends agree that I am naked because they know I am Naturist and have previously approved my nudity when with them. I always ask, particularly when there are children.


    • But also we can step on the “my house, my rules” discussion, and as when you go someone’s place you surely adapt to, tolerate and respect whatever custom he/she/they may have at home, like smoking (for example, as is said below), one can also espect others adapt, tolerate and respect whatever customs one may have at home, even if it’s about using no clothes…

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  2. It’s one thing to be among people who can appreciate the clothes free lifestyle but certainly not impose to those who do not. I am trying to be more open with people I talk to whether friends or family about my naturism. I end the discussion to those not open to it and gladly answer questions to those who are.

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    • I totally agree. It’s a matter of mutual respect and acceptance of differences. An example outside of the nudist world is smoking. I tolerate smoking friends but only outside 🙂 So applied to nudity, my non-nudist friends may tolerate my nudity but outside of their sight. That said, as you, I am more open about my naturism too and bring the topic frequently so I get more opportunities to stay/get naked. Thanks for your comment.


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