Why Nudism is good for Humanity

“I always look forward to that day when everyone would roam free on this earth as the nature intended” I do too. Nice piece of writing. Nudity should be allowed everywhere, and all beaches should be clothing optional. Our bodies are natural.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

The Nude Philosopher


We all know humans are the most different and unique creatures on this earth. Not because we are the smartest, but because for some long-forgotten reason we choose to wear clothes. Most people wear clothes for reasons even they hardly understand, but I will discuss those reasons in some other post. Now I want to discuss how if we choose to embrace nudism and live a nudist lifestyle it could very much drastically change our perspective towards others and ourselves.

You see when we see people in clothes around us daily, every person looks completely different. Some are red, some are blue, some have loose fitting clothes, some are tight. It makes our brain subconsciously think that we are living among the very different species than us since everyone looks different. This subconscious brain also has an effect on our conscious brain in that we don’t really feel any connection…

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