The case for living openly as a #nudist or #naturist

The case for living openly as a #nudist or #naturist

This is not a recent article, but I came over it while browsing Larry’s posts and it resonated pretty well with me, and hopefully it will with you too, Being a closet naturist is not entirely fulfilling although it’s one step into naturism. However, only coming out leads to live a complete honest and open life.
With summer holidays around the corner in the northern hemisphere, many of us will spent well deserved holidays naked. Others will fear telling friends that they prefer going to the nudist beach than to the textile one. So this summer is the right time to deliver the news to friend and familty: you are a naturist, you prefer to be naked than clothed whenever possible, and this is just bare normal.
This thorough article from Larry Darter describes the pros and cons of coming out, and the choice is yours. Chose wisely and enjoy an open nudist life!
Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love

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