Erasing the Taboo Factor of Nudism: It Can Be Done

I cannot agree more. We, nudists, should be nude more often, hike naked, get naked on a textile beach, drive naked, stay naked within the borders of the law, and above all be naked at home, welcome our friends while naked and spend time naked whenever we can. Prepare your elevator pitch (this gives me the idea of writing a post on this) to share with textile encounters, join your naturist federation and your local nudist club or resort, and be open about your nudism! Nothing is more liberating that being naked all day!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Clothing Optional

more nudity less taboo

Hey friends,

I hope y’all are enjoying yourselves this weekend—and hopefully at least get to spend some of it, if not all, in the nude, like I am.

You know what I hate? I hate it when people act weird when they encounter nudists just acting casually. Big problem with textiles—they are so accustomed to wearing clothes on a regular, casual, non-sexual basis that when they come across a nudist they act differently, because nudists aren’t “exactly like them” and they don’t know how to act. They may make weird glances or gawk, and be afraid to interact or talk with nudists, or come anywhere near them.

NEWSFLASH, TEXTILES—we nudists are people too. There is nothing to fear from a nudist—I don’t understand why you should have any reason to fear talking to or interacting with us. We are just like you, we like to talk, have fun, do pretty…

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