My First Official Naturist Group: Suzie’s Lake

Wonderful story about social nudity by Fabien. The one aspect I would like to point out is the non-judgmental piece. Nudists will not judge you by how you look, but by nhow you behave. Respect is the key word. Once you get rid of your clothes, off goes the social mask, on comes the real humanity. Fabien, this is a wonderful journey your are sharing, thank you for this!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Naturist Fab

Hey there, Fabien again with some great news regarding my breakthrough as a Naturist.

As many of you would have read in previous blogs I have for the longest time hoped to interact with other naturists and this past weekend it finally happened!

In November of last year while searching on the internet for local Nova Scotia naturists I came across a link to a group on Meetup called the Halifax Drama Free Skinny Dippers. This group has over 60 members and in reading about the group I knew this was for me.

Here is what is on the group page:


It’s another hot summer day.

What would be nicer than a short hike to a remote lake, stripping off all your clothes and jumping into the clean, cool water? It might be even more fun to do it with other good-hearted people who have the same idea. Safety in…

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