How to Be #naked in Public

Naked_in_the_streetsThis is a simple but direct article from the New York Time Magazines on naturism/nudism. It’s short but provides a good deal on whoever inquire about nudism. The title is somehow misleading, as the public here refers to mostly other nudists, but hey, it’s what most naturists do: get naked with other naturists. So they are naked in public! I would have thought the article would have tackled the vast topic of being #naked in everyday life, with other nudists and textiles, like in the pictures illustrating this post, but this is a first step, and it’s a good one.

The more article on nudism/naturism in mainstream press the better! Funny to read the comments though that mostly tell that nudism is a non-topic. Let’s go naked! Some say they do not want to see nudists and do not feel comfortable in the nude. And this is the same old story of body acceptance. Why on earth are people that uncomfortable seeing others naked? I am not uncomfortable seeing others wearing weird clothes or dying their hair in red or blue, or having tattoos. Differences are what make humanity so wonderful!

Anyhow, enjoy this short article on how to be naked in public and remember: Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love! No clothes are as comfortable as our own skin!

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