Naked Run 3: Mallorca

Wonderfully said. Naked running is a wonderful experience, it enhances the joy of running, I’m pretty sure the level of dopamine and oxytocin increase while running naked for running with clothes on. Thanks for sharing you wonderful experience.

Naked Running

Playa Sa Canova, Mallorca
July 2015

[This is a delayed post. This was my third naked run; two runs have occurred and already been the subject of blog posts (Streak for Tigers and Marshall’s Beach) since this run actually occurred.]

This was the game-changer.

With my exceptionally short, impulsive, life-changing naked run in the Algarve I had discovered naked running. The following timed 5k naked run explored and confirmed how my body reacted to the total liberation of the psyche. Now, a trip to Mallorca was going to be my first encounter with organised social naturism and my first (of hopefully many) overseas holidays designed specifically around my nascent naked running hobby.

I set the specialist travel agency Chalfont with the task: find me social naturism accommodation that accepted single men and was located adjacent to a substantial stretch of naturist beach (I wanted a pure naturist experience. No car…

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