#Naturism, a State of Mind by guest Blogger: Kevin C. Price


Here’s a great piece of blog from Naturist Fab’s blog. Naturism is a lifestyle shared by millions across the globe, and as this post reveals, it’s also a state of mind. One that connects the dots between our body and who we really are, not who society would like us to be.

I read it three or fourth time before capturing the real essence of the text. It’s not long and I may be a slow thinker, but I felt the ideas there resonated well with who I am, naked in lots of life situations.

The author, Kevin, claims that by becoming our true self, « we evolve to become more confident, focused on the present and more spiritually aware. » This is exactly how I feel after all those years of naturism. Accepting and sharing my nudism is one of the best things that happened to me.

There’s nothing wrong with nudity, with being naked to live our days, and with sharing it with others. To the opposite, it’s a state of freedom, caring and sharing. Give it a try, you will never look at bodies and clothes the same way, for good!

Here’s the original article: Naturism, a State of Mind by guest Blogger: Kevin C. Price


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