From the Heart: To my online Naturist Friends

Very interesting points of view on how to stay true to ourselves when we are naturists. Two important points are honesty and openness. Naturism is a healthy lifestyle and we should, as naturist, continue to convey the message to all our friends and family. There’s nothing wrong with being socially nude. To the opposite! It’s the most liberating feeling ever.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Naturist Fab

I have come across a post on Twitter today that has got me thinking about who we actually are in the online world. How many are here and are truthful about who they actually are?

I go under the handle of Naturist Fab in my blog and Twitter accounts. Many people may or may not know that my name is Fabien Barabé. I have revealed more of myself than some of my friends and family would like to know. Nonetheless, many of them know I am a Naturist and tell them of my social friends I have made in the naturist community here in Nova Scotia.

Do I still lead a double life? Yes. I still have a textile version of me online for my Art as well as with my Facebook friends. Do many of them need to know I am a naturist? Not all, but my naturist side…

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