Get Nude Now, 4 Simple Actions To Be Comfortable Naked!


I always love mainstream media promoting nudism and this article: Get Nude! from the MindBodyGreen site is a short manifesto pro nudism. It gives just 4 simple actions to consider nudism:

  1. Avoid comparing yourself to others.
  2. Avoid judging other people’s bodies.
  3. Throw away those magazines that say you should look a particular way, they only do that so you they can sell advertising and make money from your insecurities.
  4. When no-one is at home, get nude and avoid judging yourself. Don’t say anything; just be with your nakedness.

What I really liked is the first sentence of the post: « Once we realize that being ashamed of being naked or instantly equating nakedness with sexuality, is a result of someone else’s prudish views or religious indoctrination, we can see the body for what it is. » Being a nudist and being naked at home, on holiday or at the beach is all about being comfortable naked. Being naked is natural. By going to a naturist resort, you realize naturists do not have perfect bodies, they are accepting their flaws or at least are not stopped by them to get comfortable in their own body.
If you feel good naked in the privacy of your room or your home, consider going outside and going to a nude beach or joining a naturist club. There’s no better suit than your birthday suit, and once you try naturism, you never ever go back to clothed holidays, beaches or lifestyle. Nude is much, much better.
Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


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