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This post by Paul of zjuzdme.org is spot on. When non naturists speak about seeing other people nude, they are actually thinking about looking at, watching, or paying attention to other people naked bodies. When you are a naturist, this is when you « enjoy » being naked in a social environment (and this can take a while), you do not pay attention to « bodies » anymore but to « people ». Of course you will see the bodies of those people, with their scars, their flaws or their beauty, but you will not pay attention to those, as you are not at the nude beach or the nude resort to look at naked bodies, but at beautiful people.

So yes, Paul is correct. Naturism is not about watching (naked) it’s about being (naked), it’s about being comfortable in our own skin so we can live free of clothing, of inhibition and of body shame. Once you embrace naturism, you never come back!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


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