Why nudist life is not popular for young people

Why nudist life is not popular for young people

The future of nudism is clothing-optional. This is the thesis of this short article titled Why nudist life is not popular for young people. This is a huge debate among the naturist community, one that opposes hard-core die-hard nudists who want nudist-only places and others who are not opposed to give people choice.
It’s a difficult choice since we see more and more nudist places invaded by textiles, nude beaches with people wearing swim suits. However, with a society that sexualises the body and pushes people to seek for the perfect body, I think the future lies into allowing nudity in social spaces as one of the authorized clothing choice. A naked body is something natural and everyone should have the freedom to be naked wherever he/she wants, particularly at the beach or in nature. Hence, I think clothing optional is the natural choice, because I believe in freedom of choice and of mutual respect.
What are your thoughts?
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  1. I support greater opportunities for textiles and nudists to interact. This is more likely to occur in publicly accessible areas like beaches and parks. As long as all parties are aware that the options are freely chosen, respect and understanding can follow.

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