What People Who Are Naked Have To Know

The world need more naturism, more naturists and need to become safer for naturist to live their lifestyle peacefully. Nudity should be one of the available clothing options. Nudity is beauty, nudity is liberty and yes, nudity is vulnerability. Let’s all get naked!

Catholic In The 21st Century

What people who are naked have to know:

To be naked is to make a choice. The choice is to not wear clothes.

To be naked is be vulnerable. A person who is naked is, implicitly, saying “See me. All of me.” Of course, just by being naked a person isn’t revealing everything about who they are. A person is more than their body. But a person who is naked is more vulnerable physically and, I would say, more vulnerable emotionally, than a person who is clothed.

Vulnerable physically: A person’s entire body is exposed. Including their sensitive reproductive organs/orifices.

Vulnerable emotionally: For example: A person who is naked wonders “Are people seeing me? Or are people only seeing my penis/vagina/abs/legs/waist/biceps?”


If, for example, on a warm day a woman is taking a walk around her house in order to enjoy the sun on her skin, she should…

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