“6 Commandments” for Nudists


I do not believe in god (with or without a capital G). However, I respect people who do and understand that nudism and religion is sometimes a difficult topics. This is why I liked this article entitle 6 commandments for nudists

In it, the author gives 6 commandments to nudists. At the exception of the fifth (Remember that God sees you and loves you) that does not really resonates with my personal philosophy, although I fully understand and respect it for believers, I found the 5 others very reasonable and very nice advice to our fellow non nudists.

I would emphasize number 3: Always see a person as more than their body parts. It’s not because a person is naked, socially, that he or she’s limited to her « private parts ». A penis, breasts or vagina do not make a person. Those parts are not bad or shameful, there are just body parts. If you can go beyond this, you will understand and embrace social nudity.

I felt I had to share this post because at the end of the day, nudists represent a extract of the society and all believes are to be respected.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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