Grape Harvest in the Nude!

Grape Harvest in the Nude!

This article is two years old but rings a lot of bells for naturists:
Nature squad harvests Bertus’s grapes
This reinforces the message of nudity being a natural state and the fact that any activities can be done naked. This shows as well that nudity in total freedom, that is outside of “naturist” resorts and beaches, can be accepted by people.
As naturists, we know that nudity is not inherently sexual. Society, culture and religion have associated nudity to sex and shame, but this association can be undone and we can find our freedom back. The freedom to be naked alone, with friends, at home, in nature and carry on our daily activities in the best suit we have, our birthday suit!
The idea is really to go and talk about naturism and non-sexual nudity to as many people as possible and look for possibilities to expand our range of naked activities. With green and ecology becoming more and more important, nudity and naturism may gain new supporters and acceptance in society. Go get naked and let’s have fun!
Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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