Furthering the cause of Nudism/Naturism

Furthering the cause of Nudism/Naturism

This is one of the most important things to me and many other nudists/naturists, to help our way of life ascend to greater heights. In this post you can read my thoughts and suggestions about how w…
Source : Furthering the cause of Nudism/Naturism
Some other ideas to complement the ones in the above post:
Make your own naked place – Get a few naturist friend along with you, go to the beach/forest/trail and plant some signs stating this is a temporary nudist place.
Make your home clothing optional and let everybody know – Put a clothing optional sign close to your front door inviting people coming to drop their clothes and letting them know you will welcome them in the buff.
Have naturism promotion leaflets on your coffee table – Leave those to your non naturists friend so they can understand naturism and its various benefits
Join a local naturism club/resort and invite your non-naturist friends to join you – The best way to understand naturism is to live it. Reason will always find things that feelings will reject. Being naked among naked people is the real thing.
Book a nakation with some of your friends – Holiday is a great to unwind and appreciate the glory of the sun on your naked skin. Get to naturist resorts with a bunch of non-naturist friends! And have a great time!
Come out – That’s probably the first step to any others. Let your friends and family know you are a naturist and share the benefits of naturism. There will be questions, and you will get people to try.

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