5 Reasons to Sleep Naked Every Night

I cannot really find any reasons to wear anything to go to bed but your birthday suit. Furthermore, as Ally rightly writes, there are tons of health benefits to sleep naked. It’s probable you were taught to wear a PJ to go to bed, and therefore you find this completely normal. Try to not wear anything for a change. No risk of being seen, it’s in the privacy of your bedroom. If you feel your partner will find it weird, try when you are traveling alone or when he/she’s traveling. Then open the topic with him/her and experience it together. You have nothing to lose but your PJs.

Ally Fortis

In life, we have to wear clothes pretty much everywhere, so why wear them in the comfort of our homes while we sleep? It might seem weird at first to go to bed wearing nothing at all, but sleeping without the confines of clothing actually comes with major health benefits. According to a sleep survey, only 8 percent of Americans go to sleep baring it all, but more people might jump on the bandwagon after hearing about the amazing advantages of sleeping naked.



While pajamas might seem comfy and cozy, they can pose as a real hindrance while you sleep. First of all, PJ’s plus a comforter and blankets can increase your body temperature, making it difficult to fall and stay asleep. The body requires a cool environment in order to fall…

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