Enhance your life with nudity?

Great well thought out post on the many benefits of social nudism. I would add that one of the simplest way to get into social nudism and meet like minded people is to join your local nudist club/resort. There nudity is the norm, you will be welcomed and you will meet all sorts of people. It’s a great way not to enhance your life with nudity but to start a naturist practice and make naturists friends with whom you can stay naked at your place, at theirs and stop asking whether you should be naked or not. Nudism is an awesome lifestyle and much, much better when shared with others, Great post!

Naturist Philosopher

So, you’re reading this now. Perhaps you were just randomly browsing. Or used a search engine. Or followed a link you came across on Twitter or Facebook. In any case, if you’re still reading, it’s not unfair to assume you’re interested in the topic, or at least curious about it. So I’ll assume that.

Perhaps, in fact, you have personal reasons for wondering and learning more about nudism or naturism. To be clear, I generally use those terms interchangeably, since there’s little agreement about how they differ. Sometimes I’ll also use “social nudity”, which means being naked in a group (of any size) of people who’re also comfortable with being naked around others. That’s a little more general than either “nudism” or “naturism”, which to some people suggest simply enjoying being naked in the privacy of your own home.

There could be several reasons why social nudity arouses your curiosity…

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