The “Naked in the Wilderness” Principle

Naturism “is not exhibitionism, is not sexual, is simply about being.” Wonderful to discover another group of nudists who just love to be naked in nature! Long live the Minnesota naturist campers!

Camp Natural

DM9BiM7VAAAP7IG.jpg-largeWe believe that naturists experience the wilderness, the natural world, and each other, at a more elemental level. Nudity is a state of being, no more no less. Removing barriers is fundamental to that natural connection, be they mental barriers, societal burdens, emotional struggles, or, yes, clothing.  Just as nothing between the soil and our feet, the sun on the skin, is so grounding, so it is true with each of us meeting free of the preconceptions that come with our modern world. When we shed our cloths, we also shed the image we have consciously or subconsciously created and struggle to maintain. When free from those constraints, all that will manifest is our unique human personality, with all our charms and failings intact, as natural as the fields and waters we travel upon. Just as our bodies reflect our great diversity, our past struggles, scars, and joyous hopes, so…

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2 thoughts on “The “Naked in the Wilderness” Principle

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  2. Nothing stimulates the senses like being nude in nature or taking a nude walk or hike through nature. We love it and would love to share it with others.


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