When I Knew I Was A Naturist

I love stories of other naturists and particularly how they discovered naturism and when the epiphany was. This one is wonderful and shows once again that naturism is awesome and should be more widely spread and accepted.

Camp Natural

Please share your own story in the comments, or by email (campnaturalmn@gmail.com) and we will compile them and share them over time.

When I knew I was a naturist, it was long after I got comfortable being nude. I grew up exploring the wilderness areas of the Midwest, Canada, and the Rocky Mountains. On warm days you stripped and jumped in the water. There was no thought involved, it was a natural as the unspoiled lands we travelled through. But even with that backdrop, it was not until years later, and thousands of miles away, that the lightbulb went off about what naturism was, and what social nudity and body acceptance could do for a person’s mental health and physical wellbeing.

Travelling through the Europe I found myself in a small town and was befriended by two locals who showed me the area for a couple of days. It was…

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