Nudist idea #10: Start a #Naturist Nonlanded Club


As per the American Association for Nude Recreation, there are two types of naturist clubs: landed and nonlanded: « The landed club has its own grounds and facilities. It may be luxurious or rustic. Nonlanded club members often meet at a private home or somewhere in their community like the local health club. They may travel together to a landed club. »

Image result for nonlanded naturist clubsYou can start your own club at home with a bunch of friends and plan naturist activities. It can be planning a week-end at a naturist club, a naked hike or a naked barbecue at your place. The idea of a nonlanded club is that you create an official naturist club or association that will help organizing more naked activities and regroup more naturists with a common goal.

Image result for nonlanded naturist clubsCreating such a group is easy and you can get more details with your local naturist federation. Once your club is created you can advertise in your local newspaper to recruit new members, inform the community of your activities and lobby to get more official nude spaces, like beaches or trails. Having a club helps to legitimate naturism in your community and helps to inform the public about naturism and its many benefits. By being affiliated to your national naturist federation you will get support and assistance too. Of course, creating such a club necessitates some work and time investment. However, if you are really wanting to increase your nude time and your nudist friends, this is an excellent way to do so.

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  1. We are fortunate to have our resort only 50 mins away. However we do try to entertain small groups at home on occasion. Greeting our guest nude at the door often sets the tone for a fun laughter filled evening.

    • Thank you for your comments. It’s true that spending time naked with friends sets a complete different tone than clothed. Nudity adds another level of levity.


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