Nudist idea #35: Start a blog on nudism

Every nudist had a first time, every nudist has had nice and less nice experiences with nudism, every nudist has questions that may interest other nudists and non-nudists alike. Nudism is a wonderful topic, so why not start a blog?

Image result for naked in front of computer

Creating a blog with WordPress or Blogger is easy and free of charge. Setup an account and after a few seconds, you are faced with a blank page and you can write your first post. It’s also easy to setup your twitter and facebook accounts and link them to your blog, so you can gain followers. Pay attention though that facebook has some nude policies that will get you banned if you post naked pictures (I will not debate this here, but just be warned).

The same goes with twitter, but they will not ban you if you post naked pictures, only if you use a naked picture as your profile or banner picture. Once done, share your url with the community so we can subscribe to your posts and reblog them. And if you are short of topics, do not hesitate to browse other blogs and articles to get some ideas. But beyond this, find your voice and share your ideas.

Share your experiences and comments below and remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

3 thoughts on “Nudist idea #35: Start a blog on nudism

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