Nudist idea #39: Play a tennis match naked

Nudist idea #39: Play a tennis match naked

A lot of nudist resorts have tennis courts. Whether you are a confirmed tennis player or not, have a game in your birthday suit. This may be your first sport experience naked. I will swear this will not be your last, as practicing sport is so much fun and comfortable naked.

Image result for naked tennisOf course, you may need a good pair of tennis shoes, a cap and some sun lotion, a racket and tennis balls. Find another player or players if you want to play double, which is even funnier and have a game. You will quickly realize how comfortable it is to wear nothing but a smile. This realization comes with many sports in which garments are really useless. Sports apparel company will sell you fabrics that let your skin breathe… but the best way to let it breathe is to uncover it completely.

So, grab your shoes and your racket, book a court and have a game. Think about sharing your experiences and comments below.

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5 Replies to “Nudist idea #39: Play a tennis match naked”

  1. Our resort does not have tennis courts but there are ample opportunities for sports and exercise. As a lover of playing tennis, several years ago when playing late at night under lights due to extremely hot weather during the day, I decided to strip off and play a couple of sets nude. My playing partner at the time a female thought I had lost my mind but also thought it was quite hilarious. As my game elevated her’s declined. She said it was simply too difficult to concentrate on just the tennis ball. It was fun but also one of the most liberating experiences ever. (Mr. T )

    1. It’s really rare to get an erection playing tennis. However, if it happens, you may ignore it or stop playing while it gets away. Having said this, it’s rarely happening in a nudist environment, which is non sexual.

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