Nudist idea #73: Visit a museum


Beyond the World Naked Bike Rides, it seems more and more events are opened for nudists. As for museum, there were at least three examples that I know of: Vienna is Austria, Montreal in Canada and Melbourne in Australia.
Image result for nudist museumIn the first two cases, this was a ones-off, whereas the third example is a tour organized by an artist during which nudity is mandatory. As many other things in life, visiting a museum does not require clothing. Only society is asking us not to be naked in public. But the fact is that, if nudity was seen as normal and was legal, we could be naked when temperature and security are permitting it. And a visit to the museum would be one of those moments.

Nudity is totally accepted in art. It’s time it’s accepted in all-day life situation like visiting a museum, don’t you think. The above video shows nudists visiting the « Naked men » exhibition in Vienna. As a nudist, I love the idea and am eagerly waiting for the next opportunity to get naked while strolling among beautiful art.

Have you already visited a museum naked? How was it? We would love to hear about your experiences with it in the comment section below.

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