Nudist idea #76: Form a naked music band

Nudist idea #76: Form a naked music band

Another activity that do not require clothing: playing music. You can play the guitar, piano or flute without a single piece of clothing. Like many other activities, all you require is a towel to sit on, if you have to sit, and your musical instrument.

Image result for nudist musicIf you have some nudist friends who play other musical instruments, it may be a good idea to play music together. A naked music band! Not only it will be fun, but you may share your music with others during music festivals or inside nudist resorts. Many nudist resorts and clubs organize events for their members. Having naked musicians to perform live will definitely be of much an appeal for many nudist resorts managers.

nudist musicWho knows, you may even become famous. It will for sure be a great way to spend more time in your preferred suit and possibly to visit new clubs around the country. Therefore, making new friends and expanding your nudist horizon. There’s almost no limit to how much you can expand your nude time (at least until it reaches 24x7x365), and performing in nudist clubs is definitely one good way!

Do you play music naked? How do you feel? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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2 Replies to “Nudist idea #76: Form a naked music band”

  1. i would have to think about being in or forming a naked (nude) music band but i won’t (wouldn’t) play music in front of an audience wearing clothes (clothing) the audience must also be fully naked (nude)

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