Nudist idea #86: Be a nudist friendly couch surfing host


If you like meeting new people and have a extra couch to propose to strangers, you can become a couch surfing host. Like in the nudist idea #34, the point is to twist the concept to be a nudist friendly couch surfing host.

Image result for nude couch surfingOf course, this means welcoming other nudist couch surfers, as well as warning your couch surfers that they are coming in a nudist home. By welcoming nudist couch surfers, you will make new friends. By warning non nudist couch surfers, you stand the chance to make new nudists. The world needs to be more nudist friendly and by making openly your home a nudist home, you contribute to more nudism.

Image result for nude couch surfingOf course, the line between nudity and sexuality needs to be drawn from the get-go. The topic of sexuality and social nudity has been discussed multiple times and we need to draw the clear line, particularly when welcoming strangers in our nudist home. Once this fact cleared, you can all enjoy social nude time.

Are you a nudist friendly couch surfing host? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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