Nudist idea #90: Bungy jump naked

Bungy jumping is one of those high adrenaline activities that may not be for everybody. But beyond the security gears, it’s doable entirely naked. Just to feel the air against your skin and because you are a proud nudist!

IMG_1483Yes, it’s a scary activity. Just jumping with an elastic tied to your ankles may sound crazy. But I would say not crazier to most people than being naked all-day long. A lot of non-nudists find nudist crazy. A lot of people find bungy jumping crazy if not stupid. Then bungy jump naked is just double crazy, hence double fun.

Related imageThere’s little chance your nudist club has bungy jumping facilities on the premises of the club. However, they may have made an agreement with a nearby bungy jump club. If so, asking the latter if you can do a jump naked as you are a member of the nearby nudist club may be granted. If the operator is open-minded, this should not be big a problem. It’s like going bowling naked. On paper impossible, when organized fully possible. Just ask and enjoy the flight!

Have you ever bungy jumped naked? How was it? Tell us about your experience in the comments below. Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

4 thoughts on “Nudist idea #90: Bungy jump naked

  1. OMG NO !!! While my husband and I enjoy many things naked this will never be one of them, naked or not. We can can have more than enough naked fun with feet on the ground. 😉


  2. Several years ago one of my nephews was travelling through east and southern Africa. When he got to South Africa he did one of the tallest bungy jumps in the world, forward first, then backwards. He said they told him he could have a third jump free if he did it naked, but as he’s not a naturist, he shied away from that. I would do it naked first time if I ever did it at all.


  3. Nick loves bungee jumping, he’s done so in 4 continents already and the other ones are on the list. If you could give some recommendations about where it could be done nude, we’d know the destination of our next flight 😉


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