8 ideas to celebrate naked the World Environment Day

8 ideas to celebrate naked the World Environment Day

The World Environment Day takes place on 5 June and has as its theme “Beat Plastic Pollution”. This year’s slogan is

If you can’t reuse it, refuse it

Whether or not we are in love with nature, we can only salute this initiative. Discovering plastic waste on the beaches or hiking trails is sad and infuriating. To say no to disposable plastic is a political and economical choice. A message sent to the industry! Plastic is enough. It is time to find economic and ecological alternatives. As a naturist, the message resonates particularly. Here are some ideas to celebrate this day in skin attire and commit to a world without disposable plastic.

  1. Not buying swimsuits or clothing for our favorite activities eliminates the need to put these clothes in a plastic bag. It may seem obvious, but it is quite simple. Fewer clothes, less plastic.
  2. Switch to glass and metal for bottles, boxes, for our naked hikes. Not only is it better for health, it is recyclable.
  3. Enjoy your stay at the naturist beach or your naked hikes to pick up the plastic waste and bring it to the dump to be recycled.
  4. Replace all your plastic bags, including some canvas bags that contain more plastic than fiber (look well at the labels), by a more ecological alternative (hemp, organic cotton, burlap, leather…). Do a search on the Internet and you will find plenty of possibilities.
  5. Living naked as much as possible reduces the need to buy and wash clothes. Not only will you save money, you will reject less detergent in nature.
  6. Planting trees, flowers, and aromatic herbs. Plants are necessary for our survival and for the transformation of carbon into oxygen. Take the opportunity to make some plantations.
  7. Ask an environmental protection association to come and make a presentation in your naturist club or on your naturist beach. Naturists are generally more Open To protect our environment, learn the right gestures!
  8. Convert your neighbors and friends to naturism by emphasizing the protection of the environment.

The International Naturist Federation defines naturism as “a way of life in harmony with nature characterized by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment”. Respect for the environment is in our DNA. Let’s take advantage of it to celebrate nature and participate in its preservation.

Have a nice naked day!

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