Naturist Thought #43 – Internet

Naturist Thought #43 – Internet

Does Internet help to disseminate the naturist message? I tend to think so. Internet has made naturism more transparent to people who might have thought it was not for them. Internet made possible to gather people for a naked hike for instance or to recruit new members for naturist clubs.

World Naked Bike Rides and other public nudist gathering would have not existed without the Internet. I remember the first time I discovered I was not alone in loving hiking naked. When I started to hike and run naked, I felt alone and was wondering if there were other practitioners. While searching on the web, I found many others and my world changed dramatically and could embrace naturism without shame or deep questions about myself.

Naturism has greatly benefitted from the Internet and will in the future, as groups of naturists meet in the real life and the whole lifestyle industry evolves. Internet has been a blessing and still is for naturists who want to meet other naturists, exchange stories and points of view and become new friends online and in the real life. Naked yoga, naked hikes, naked swims and many other naked activities exist because the Internet has permitted them to develop. The future is bright for naturism.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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  1. I doubt I’d be a nudist today if it weren’t for the Internet. I spent years researching social nudism, places for nude recreation and nude etiquette. All of the information I gathered eventually gave me the confidence to visit a nudist camp one year ago. I am now a happy member of that camp and overjoyed to be enjoying this wonderful lifestyle!

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