Naturist Thought #57 – Hobby


Some people think naturism is a hobby. tells us a hobby is “an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation.” Since naturism can be seen as an “interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation,” we could say it’s a hobby. However, the second part of the definition, “not as a main occupation,” disqualifies it for a hobby.

Indeed, naturism is “a way of life” as it is defined by the International Naturist Federation. We can also say it’s a lifestyle. Its characteristics are communal nudity, self-respect, respect for others and the environment. Simple and clear. We could also say that naturism is close to a philosophy.

You can, however, practice any hobby while being a naturist, whatever your hobby is. If you frequent a naturist club, you can create another club around your hobby within your naturist club. For instance, if your hobby is hiking, why not creating a naturist hiking section within your hiking club? Merge your hobby with naturism and you have a naturist hobby, increasing your nude time!

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