Naturist Thought #87 – Sensitivity


Sensitivity is simple and complex. The Merriam-Webster dictionary provides multiple definitions of sensitivity that relates to human beings, but the one I had in mind is the following: awareness of the needs and emotions of others. I wrote a post about awareness and its relative increase in a naturist environment.

I too believe naturists are more sensitive people due to the absence of the barrier created by clothes. It surprises me that I much more understand the feelings of my spouse when I’m naked and feel more empathy. In the same way, naked, we are much more sensitive to our surroundings and feel aggression to humans, physical and psychological, more acutely.

Is naturism making people more sensitive? I think it changes the way people behave and react. This is one of the reasons we tend to find naturists friendlier than any other population. Not only we are sharing our love for the naturist lifestyle, we are exposing our fragility and vulnerability, that make us more sensitive. Is naturism making us just more human?

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