Naturist Thought #88 – Elegance

Naturist Thought #88 – Elegance

Is being naked elegant? Elegance is grace and beauty. Society has defined elegance in architecture, clothing, art, etc. It has also, for the last dozens of years, define what the perfect body is and therefore pushed its body-shaming agenda. In other words, it has pushed our body to the realm of the ugly for a vast majority of people.

Naturism is bringing our body back front and center. A body is inherently elegant. The way it has been conceived along the millions of years of our evolution. Look at the way muscles, tendons and bones are working together, it’s utmost elegance! It’s precise, neat and simple.

And I’m not talking only about pageant contest, which mainly glorifies perfection, IMHO, although it pushes the contestants towards a form of elegance. Is naturism elegant? Not as such. The human body is an example of elegance. Naturism, like any other lifestyle can become elegant if people behave more elegantly, which they tend to do more than other lifestyles, without the burden of clothing. However, nothing is further than the truth than nudism not being elegant. It’s the ultimate elegance when we want to push forward what is best in humans!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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