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Early October, I ran a survey to know better about you, who you were and what were your expectations about a website dedicated to naturism. 52 of you took some time to provide a feedback. They all have been thanked with an exclusive short story, extract from a forthcoming book entitled Elements Naked Tales.

Here are the results of this survey and the insights it provided.

All 52 respondents are naturists, which is, on one side good, on the other side not so good if we want to attract more people to naturism. A point to take into consideration, from an activism point of view.

Less than half (25) are subscriber to the site. Some did not know you could subscribe, some other prefer to follow through twitter or through RSS, so this reflects a plurality of usage that I like. For sure, getting a (free of charge) subscription will help being aware of any news published on the site.

It’s interesting to see that more than half of the respondents are coming a few times a months to the site, some even coming every day! This puts pressure to deliver good and relevant content.

As topics, resort and beach reviews come first, although all the proposed topics show a decent interest. If some other sites, like Naked Wanderings, are doing a great jobs in providing resort and beach reviews, I believe we can do more or different. Definitely food for thought here.

If I was under the impression, readers preferred long and less frequent posts, the survey showed another picture. This is probably link to the fact that a large proportion of respondents come to the site often and would like to find new posts more frequently. I will need to balance short and frequent with long and less frequent to please everybody I think.

The next question is a kind of disappointment although not big a surprise knowing that a lot of naturists do not tell their close friends and families they are naturists. It’s a clear indication that naturism is still taboo for lot of people and that we need to be more imaginative to help making social nudity more mainstream. Here’s a comment I got:

« I only put a 5 on recommend Nude and Happy to friends because none of my friends know I’m a naturist (except of course the people I know from my nudist camp). »

A vast majority of respondents are male, although I was pleased to have one female, one transgender and two couples. We need more sexual diversity for sure, and this has to go with topics of interests to males, females, couples and transgenders. I’m passionate about sexual diversity, so expect more information about this.

The last question of the survey was an open question on improvements you wanted to see on the site. Here are some verbatims of those:

  • Add a blog roll of recommended blogs. Naturist bloggers need to encourage and promote each other.
  • There is little else that needs to be done if you include articles detailing the benefits of nudity on various facets of health.
  • Maybe a bit more on family recreation. Since we have a beware of adults that swim and play with anyone that is not their children. I have swan with children of all ages in the pool and darn got drowned a few times. Kids need to know that not all adults are perverts or molesters.
  • Why are some people loosing jobs etc because they are a naturist? Why do some think there is something unbalanced about you if you like being naked?
  • The site appears to be for people new to naturism – reasons to go naked. There needs to be something for social naturists. I am unclear what relation the French and English websites have with each other – are the blog entries on different subjects? I look at 11 reasons to go naked hiking and it talks about French law!

Those are all great comments that I have taken into consideration for the next iteration of the site. Once again, a big thank you to all respondents, and stay tuned, a major announcement is just around the corner!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


  1. First thank you for the results of your survey. Very interesting. You might think about sending
    an email to the free beach and naturist clubs and groups asking them to please put a blurb on the
    their website for comments and to sign up. We in the states really need to join and let people now they
    are not ashamed to be naturists/nudists. If you are ashamed of something you don’t want others to know
    but if you not ashamed look for shirts and bumper stickers.

  2. The gender imbalance is something we have been giving a lot of thought. But we just can’t figure it out. We understand that it happens on social media. We’ve seen a lot of cases where as soon as a woman dares to reply on something about naturism she gets friend requests and messages and comments like « I would love to see you naked »… But also the Naked Wanderings website stats show a majority of men. Although we’ve noticed few gender imbalances in real life naturism. Are women not interested in reading about naturism online but is it just something they do? Maybe a topic for a future blog post 🙂

    About the types of posts, our advice is a mix of both. Some light and short pieces and some more in dept long pieces. At least that’s what works for us.


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