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Hello fellow nudists, I’m really happy to let you know that Nu et Heureux is moving. Well, since you read this post in English, I’m addressing here our English-speaking nudist community. Nu et Heureux is a French phrase that means Nude and Happy. So, the English part of Nu et Heureux is now becoming Nude and Happy, on its own domain: nudeandhappy.com.

While I will maintain English posts for a couple of month in Nu et Heureux, the site will slowly move to French only, addressing our French speaking nudist community. in early 2020, Nu et Heureux will become French-speaking only. We will continue to release same content in French and English, but now on two different sites so not to confuse your primary language, and address our community in their preferred language.

All current English content has already been moved to Nude and Happy, and all new English content will be released only on Nude and Happy.

If you were a subscriber of Nu et Heureux, you have been moved to Nude and Happy, and you are now able, at your own pace, to unsubscribe from Nu et Heureux if you cannot read French.

The new site has been revamped and in some respects simplified. For instance, I have curated and segregated content in four categories:

  • Curious, dedicated to readers who are curious about nudism and naturism, but have not yet embrace the lifestyle. If you have questions about whether you should become a nudist/naturist, this is the place to learn more about this amazing lifestyle.
  • Newbie, dedicated to new naturists/nudists. You have had one or few experiences of social nudity and want to discover more, this the place to go!
  • Seasoned, dedicated to seasoned nudists/naturists, who want to meet other nudists/naturists and want to learn more about the lifestyle to expand their horizon.
  • Adventurous, for those nudists/naturists who want to push the boundaries of naturist clubs and beaches toward more places. These posts will provide more information about how to get naked more often through hikes, bike rides, naked runs, or casual activities that can be safely practiced entirely naked.

Some refinements will be added along the way, to increase quality and value of information about naturism and nudism. I look forward to e-meeting you on the other side, at nudeandhappy.com and to reading your comments on how to make Nude and Happy even more relevant to you all!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!



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