Nudist idea #44: Feature in a Spencer Tunick installation

If you link nudity to large group of people, you find Spencer Tunick. From his website: “Tunick has traveled the globe to create these still and video images of multiple nude figures in public settings.” Nudity is central to Spencer Tunick.

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Becoming a model in one of Tunick’s installation requires that you sign up to participate. Unfortunately, although I’ve signed up, I still wait to be called. Therefore I cannot describe what the experience is. However, from all the pictures, it appears that it’s an opportunity to be naked with many others. Like being an art model, I presume it requires a lot of waiting and standing still. However, it’s an opportunity to meet other people interested in art and spending time with them in the nude.

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I would really love to hear from anybody who has featured in such an installation. Was it a cool experience? What was the biggest challenge, if any? How does it feel to be with so many nude people at the same time? Did you meet nice people who became friends? Were all the participants nudists or was it their first time?

So if you have been in such a picture, thank you for sharing your experiences and comments below. Remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Nudist idea #42: Be a naked model

Being naked is natural. There’s actually nothing more natural than just being who you are without any artificial cover. Posing naked for art students is one of the most natural and normal artistic activities.

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The human body is one of the most beautiful creation. There are numerous wonderful nude painting. However, to learn how to paint human bodies, artists need models. A lot of art schools are asking for models to pose naked or clothed. Being a naturist, getting naked should not be big a problem. Staying still for hours will be, but art teachers will provide ample poses so you can relax, and move.

Image result for posing naked male art model classOf course, you may argue that posing naked is not really enjoying nudity. It’s true that staying still for hours may not be the best experience of your life. But, for some, it’s a great way to make some good money and enjoy a piece of nudity, a state in which nudists are comfortable. Look for art schools and ask whether they are looking for live models. If you have some free time, this may be a good way to get naked more often and spread the positive message of naturism.

Thank you for sharing your experiences and comments below and remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Nudist idea #41: Hang and display your nakation pictures

We all love pictures and keeping memories of our past good times and holidays. However, when it comes to nakation, the question of sharability of our pictures can be asked.

black-and-white-grey-set-of-3-canvases-eb1-3082.jpgLet’s think for a moment. Most of us, if not all, would hang our best family pictures on the wall. We would as well hang beautiful art pictures or paintings, some depicting nude bodies, like the picture on the left. The question is why not mixing both, and hanging holiday pictures of our nakations? What is wrong with it?

Image result for naked people in pictures on wallsOur friends and families may see us naked would you argue? If you are naturist, many people have seen us naked and this has not created an outcry. When you look at your past holiday pictures, you are happy, naked or not. Therefore, I believe we should not make any difference when it comes to naked pictures of ourselves or with our naturist friends.

What would you do, or what are you doing? Are you hanging pictures of your nakation for others to see? Thank you for sharing your experiences and comments below and remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

The MET puts hundreds of thousands of images of artworks in the public domain

So you may ask how is this related to naturism and nudism? Well, nudity in art has always been present. And by putting those images in the public domain, the MET allows nudists to celebrate nudity with art.

Above are three examples from Modigliani, Matisse, and a picture by John Goodman. All in the MET artwork collection.

Wonderful initiative by the MET, celebrating art and providing an opportunity to appreciate nudity in art even more.


Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked, and Share the Naked Love!