How to deal with voyeurs at the nudist beach

Imagine the following. You are quietly reading and tanning. The beach is big and almost empty, with very few people scattered around, each naturist enjoying the biggest possible space (and that is being 15 to 20 meters away from each other). Then all of a sudden, a man sets his towel at exactly 2 meters away from you and your spouse.

On the positive side, this person gets naked, so fits in. On the negative side, he stares at you, and more intensely at your spouse. This creates almost immediately an uncomfortable feeling.

This just occurred to us yesterday, as we were enjoying the nudist beach. It happened that we were actually about to leave, so the situation just accelerated our departure.

However, the question of voyeurs remain. I believe this guy was there to watch us, enjoying the naked beach. On the one side, since he was naked, he can enjoy the naked beach. He can watch people too as long as his attitude is not lewd. On the other side, by the place he chose, we felt watched. Did he voluntarily sat there to watch us, I do not know but it felt like this. So the question is how to approach this situation?

If we were not about to leave, I would have approached and asked this man why he sat 2 meters away from us where he could have any other places further from anybody? And I would have shared that we felt watched by him. What would you have done? I would appreciate your comments and ideas?

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The 10 commandments of the naturist at the beach

Ok, it’s winter! If you can, you may be on a nudist beach in the Caribbean or in Central America. If not, you are sitting naked close to a warming fire thinking about your next nakation. In all cases, next time you are at the nudist beach, here are 10 commandments to observe for your wellbeing and the one of the other naturists who share this piece of sand.

  1. Thou shalt be entirely naked.
  2. Thou shalt not stare at others.
  3. Thou shalt not take picture without asking permissions.
  4. Thou shalt behave appropriately.
  5. Thou shalt cover your body with sun lotion.
  6. Thou shalt take enough water to stay hydrated.
  7. Thou shalt leave the beach clean by taking your garbage with you (including your cigarette butts if you smoke).
  8. Thou shalt make nudity respected by asking textiles to get naked if they want to stay on the nude side of the beach.
  9. Thou shalt help to expel gawkers and exhibitionists.
  10. Thou shalt participate to organized activities.

And an eleventh pour the benefit of naturism development:

11. Thou shall invite family and friends to join you so they can discover the joy of naturism.

My First Time At A Nudist Resort

What can we expect more that those kind of articles that stands as an epiphany for the naturist lifestyle? This post from Abigail Moss on Refinery29 titles My First Time At A Nudist Resort is more that a just a story of a first timer, it’s a great testament to what naturism is about. Here are some exceprt I really liked:

  • « I am not a naturist, I suppose is what I’m saying. Or, at least, I wasn’t, until a couple of weeks ago. » Well, when the article finishes with « Next summer, we’re going back. » I bet Abigail is now a naturist, particularly with the below.
  • « I took the shorts off and nobody looked, nobody pointed, nobody laughed. Obviously not. Everyone else was naked too. » And yes, this is the first « surprise » of any non naturist visiting a naturist resort, naturists don’t see naked people, they just see people who happened to be naked. Respect is probably the number one value among naturists, and nakedness is definitely shared.
  • « On a beach, being naked just makes good practical sense. No swimsuit for sand to get all caught up in, no tan lines to worry about. » All is said.
  • « And once you’ve been naked on a beach, why not at a bar, or in a corner shop, or a swimming pool? » Yes, this is the beauty of feeling well naked and being with naturists, it just becomes the new normal. It’s actually quite strange how it becomes so natural quickly. No t-shirt, no pant, just you!
  • « We’re all just people. Various sizes and shapes and levels of hairiness and wrinkliness and tan, but, basically all the same. » Yes, this is the second « surprise » from non naturist: body acceptance, oneself and others. You may be surprised the first times, then do not pay attention to it anymore, we are just human beings and feel great to be among people who are not making a statement by wearing so and so clothes.
  • « Being naked, I realised, doesn’t expose you at all – it makes you anonymous and equal. » This is a huge discovery and probably the most important ones, as it explains why our body is not sexual by nature, we have sexualized it over time. Gaining our freedom back to be naked makes us better, I think.
  • And the last: « Flying home to headlines and TV reports filled with hatred and division, there’s something very comforting in having discovered a place where people are just people. » Naturism is the best lifestyle I know, the one that makes people who they truly are, just human beings who aspire to a good life.

Share this article among your non naturist friends and you may convert them to naturism. They may join you to your next club meeting or naturist holidays. It’s said nakations are the best vacationsm and it’s even better with good friends!

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Every Beach Needs to Be Clothing Optional and Here’s Why…

I cannot agree more. Actually, I believe ALL beaches should be clothing optional. Wear something or nothing! But you may say that people will be offended by nudity, sure, but nobody obliges them to stare. Nudity should one of the available clothing options. Good read on body shame and « real » people.

Clothing Optional Trips

Yes this post is my opinion as to why every beach should have a clothing optional section but my reasons for this are probably not what you would think. Follow me and see if you agree. /Cover photo from

kardash There is nothing real about the Kardashians yet they are role models to many young women and men.

Nothing about the Kardashian family and their « reality » is real. Yet they are undeniably the hottest thing in Hollywood and are role models (dear God did I just write that?) to countless fans including many young women. Their fashion, their product endorsements and their bodies sell.

While I disagree with a lot about what the Kardashian sisters represent, it’s their bodies that I have the most trouble with and why I wrote this post. I know you’re asking, « What do the Kardashians have to do with promoting access to clothing optional/nude beaches…

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Nudist beach etiquette: The dos and don’ts if you’re serious about getting your kit off | Metro News — clothes free life

The whole concept of a nudist beach might seem pretty amusing when you’re a kid, but if you’re serious about seeing what all the fuss is about then there are definitely some dos and don’ts. A zoo just asked the internet to name its newborn baby gorillaAs a group of teenagers in France found out recently…

via Nudist beach etiquette: The dos and don’ts if you’re serious about getting your kit off | Metro News — clothes free life

3 naked activities for a spring week-end

Eh… TGIF! And tonight the week-end starts. So as I was thinking about what to share today, I came up with three activities that I will do over the week-end weather permitting of course, and that you can do too. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, nothing incredible, just three simple activities that do not require clothes apart from a hat if the sun shines and good shoes if the terrain is spiky. Here we go!

  1. A naked hike. Open a map of your surroundings, a hiking map if possible, spot a nice track you have not done, grab your shoes, your hat and some sunscreen. Pack some snacks and water, a lot of water, and off you go. 4, 5 or 6 hours of total nakedness in nature.
  2. A naked swim. It’s beach time again. The water will be chilly for course, but cold water is very good for the skin and for overall health. So grab a towel, sunscreen, snacks, water and head to the nearest naturist beach. A great way to gently start your overall tan for the coming summer.
  3. Naked gardening. If you happen to have a garden, take care of it. Mow the lawn, prune dead branches and gather the remaining of the leaves from the last winter. Make your garder beautiful so all flowers blossom in wonderful colors and shape.

As I said, nothing fancy, nothing expensive, just pure happiness in the best suit ever, your birthday one. Many if not all activities can be undertaken in full nudity, so go for it, it’s the best feeling ever!

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Some of the World’s Best Nude Beaches

Thinking of getting an all-over tan next holiday? Pick one of the following beaches.

There are many other nude beaches and nudist resorts across the planet, this is a good start if you want to embrace the nudist lifestyle!

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Top 10 World’s Most Popular Nude Beaches

nude beach signAnother list from Grab List of the Top 10 World’s Most Popular Nude Beaches. Just a pity all the pictures in this post show people wearing swimsuits… You’ll find beaches in the US, Spain, Brazil, Greece, St Martin, Croatia, Venezuela, and France. Far from being complete, it provides a couple of good ideas for your next all-over tan session. Not sure they are the most popular nude beaches, but it feels a good pick.

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6 reasons to have more #nude beaches

Nat026 - smallI am actually taking liberty to widen the debate launched by the article titled Five reasons Queensland should legalise nude beaches published in a Brisbane, Australia, webzine. Here are the 5 reasons provided in this article, my point of view about them, and my 6th own reason:

  1. Everybody else is doing it. Sure, nudists are a minority. However, with more choices, more people would embrace nudism that is a perfectly natural and healthy practice. At best, all beaches should be clothing optional, at worst, one out of two beaches should be a nude beach.
  2. Good people don’t want to be law breakers. Let’s face it, nudism is perfectly legal in many countries. Although I still believe and advocate nudism should be available everywhere as one of the clothing option, we can take one step at a time to be minds used to public nudity. Therefore, let’s make all beaches clothing optional. Nudists are not criminals, they just appreciate being naked, nothing is inherently wrong with that.
  3. It’s actually safer for everybody involved. There will always be perverts. I actually find there are as many perverts on textile beaches as on nude beaches. However, on a textile beach, you notice them less. I can tell you that a man with an erection on a nude beach is spotted instantaneously and can be asked to calm down or leave. Non official nude beaches tend to be more pervert-prone than legal ones. Furthermore, a lot of nude beaches are isolated, making them more difficult if not impossible to protect. So it’s not about being « parked » or « secluded », nudists want to be in a safe environment too.
  4. It could keep perverts away. See previous point on safety. The more nude beach options, the less perverts. One point on perverts as well is that it’s more difficult for these people to operate when there is a lot of people. The more people, the less perverts.
  5. It boosts body confidence. Body confidence is being undermined regularly by « artificial ideal » bodies photoshopped and shown in media. By getting nude with others, you gain more confidence in your body and in you! It’s all about accepting who you are with your inherent flaws. Nobody’s perfect, and even the image of perfection varies from people to people. Getting naked at the beach or in nature is just telling yourself and the world, my body is mine, there’s nothing wrong in showing it, it’s all natural.
  6. It’s healthier than wearing bathing suits. Sand, weeds, can get into a bathing suit. Keeping wet suits can be the source of various ailment. Getting entirely naked in the sun, with the right sunscreen, increases the level of vitamin D too. Not even mentioning the comfort of not having anything obfuscating your body movement. If you keep a bathing suit, have a look inside next time you go to the beach, you will see stuff get stuck in it, better get naked.

There may be other reasons I can’t thing about now, but the article from Bmag is spot on. Another great example of mainstream media advocating nude recreation. The future has to be nudist!

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