What Do I Want For Nudists?

Here’s another article that provides wishes or hopes about naturism. The author makes for wishes:

  • I want nudists to be treated like human beings. I agree, although, I do not think nudists are not treated like human beings, they are just marginalized. Now we have to face a harsh reality: nudists are a minority, and as such our rights need to be recognized. So my wish is that nudists have to be treated like normal citizens with their own rights to get naked, if they wish.
  • I want no one to feel like going naked is something they have to do. Freedom of choice is the basis of any democratic society. Respect is one of its byproducts.
  • I want God to use nudism for good. As usual, not sure about this one, however, nudism is good and should be perceived as such. There’s no shame in being naked and there should not be any shame seeing others naked.
  • I want nudism to be a force for change. This is probably the strongest wish, however, we can only do this if we become a political party, as change as become highly political. Ecological parties are the closest to naturism, fighting to save humanity through the protection of the planet. So, stand out for what you are, come out as a nudist and embrace the political reality to become a force of change. Nudism as to come out of the closet to become a force of change.

Food for though for the week-end. While you think and answer (comments highly appreciated), get naked, stay naked, live naked and share the naked love!

If you happen to be in England, join the Canterbury #WNBR

Lucky Brits, today, May 30, is the Canterbury World Naked Bike Ride. If you are around, drop your clothes, jump on a bike and have a great afternoon cycling naked! The Canterbury Times provides 8 advices to make this event memorable.

To all riders, I wish a great Naked Bike Ride!

8 ecological positive effects of naturism

Nudism plus nature equals naturism. Ecologists want to protect nature to give our children a clean Earth. Although each of us may have a different point of view on ecology, here are 8 positive effects naturism has on ecology.

  1. Naturists wash less. We wear less clothes, therefore we need to wash less and consume less detergent.
  2. Naturists purchase less clothes. We wear less, we need less, and we purchase less. Bleaching, synthetic materials, transportation put a tax on the planet. By consuming less clothes, we reduce our footprint.
  3. Naturists tend to be more nature conscious. Naturism contains nature in the world. We can see a lot of discussions on green products and behavior on naturist’s forum. I tend to think this is linked to our sensitivity to nature and fragility of the human being.
  4. World Naked Bike Rides are naturist events that do not contribute to increasing greenhouse effect. Riding a bike is healthy and ecological. Bring the city back to pedestrian and cyclists!
  5. Naturists tend to more simplicity. By being naked, we tend to believe in simple pleasure and simpler life. Less gizmos, more connections. Less electronic, more humanity.
  6. Naturist’s locations tend to be nature friendly. Most naturist resorts are in beautiful natural places, doing their best to preserve what Mother Nature has to offer. We need more places to be naturist friendly by observing simple ecological rules
  7. Respect is one of the values of naturism. Respecting nature and ensuring we leave a clean place to our kids is one of the values I have always encountered with naturists.
  8. Most naked activities are healthy and nature friendly. Naked hiking, naked swimming, naked volley-ball, just to name a few activities do not require to harm our natural environment, but to benefit from it.

I am sure there are lots of other positive effects on nature by living simply in harmony with nature, entirely naked. Our nudity makes us more receptive to our surroundings. You are more alert to what nature has to offer to our ears, eyes, nose and overall body.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!