9 Reasons Why You Should Garden Naked

The first Saturday of May is World Naked Gardening Day. It’s come again on Saturday, May 6. The site hgtv.com published a blog post describing the 9 reasons why you should never, ever garden naked. Here are the same 9 reasons why you should in fact garden naked as much as possible, and not only on the first Saturday of May!

1: Because some bugs bite. Some bugs bite through fabric too, or can go inside the clothes, like ticks, for instance, while naked, you may spot them. Of course, do not go fetch honey in a hive naked… reason should always prevail! But to my experience, bugs will not bite you more if you are stark naked except if you move a hive and become the target of the disturbed bees.

2: Because garden tools are sharp. Protect your hands and pay attention. Knives are sharp too, you do not wear gloves to cut your steak! Of course, if you are using powertools, you will require protection!

3: Because thorns. It’s not because you are naked that you do not wear gardening gloves (see point 8) and pay attention. Of course, if you have to work on your rosebush, wear some protection. Here again reason prevails.

4: And poison ivy. And all other things that are dangerous in nature like thistle, nettle and other thorny bushes… if you have to cut those plants, cover yourself with the right attire of course.

5: Because sunburn isn’t cool. And because sun cream is there to protect your skin. Don’t you use it when you go to the beach? Use it too when you are outside in your garden.

6: And gardening involves lots of leaning over. And even when wearing a pant, nothing prevents you to kneel on a blanket.

7: But naked means no legit reason to wear Wellies. Wearing boots, you can still be naked!

8: Or colorful gardening gloves. I love them! They go well with my skin complexion!

9: Or cute safari hats. It’s not because you are naturist, you are stupid. Of course a hat is the right protection agains the sun, particularly if you are bald!

Come on, gardening naked, like any other naked activities is just awesome.

5 reasons why you should go on naturist vacation with children

A great post by SpotNaked. If you do not know what to do next holiday and have kids: pick a naturist resort and book your stay! The 5 good reasons explained are:

  1. Save Money and Time. Pack less, pay less!
  2. Easier for the small ones and less comparison. Don’t ask the kids to get dressed, no need to show off with your fancy clothes!
  3. Children learn about their body. And learn respect!
  4. Diversity leads to acceptance. We are all the same while we are all different!
  5. Get Back to You. Your natural and inner you!

And I would add a sixth one: Meet like-minded people and kids. Naturists are mostly friendly and the most naturist friends you have, the more naked time you will enjoy!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!