Nudist idea #30: Organize naked hikes

OK, you may say it’s really close to the nudist idea #3: Hike naked. And you are somehow right. However, there’s a difference between hiking naked on your own and setup a naked hikers group, and organize some cool naked hikes with those friends.

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First, you need to gather all your naked hikers friends. You need to agree on a date, and finally you need to agree on the trail you are going to hike. Not everybody has the same physical capabilities, and you may need to find the right consensus so everybody feels welcome.

One thing you may want to check is that everybody has the right insurance coverage in case anything happens. You are not a professional organizer, just a bunch of friends hiking together, but security first!

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Then, of course, you need to ensure you are not breaking any laws. There are some part of the world where nudity is a big no-no and totally unlawful. In others, it’s accepted and you’ll be able to hike naked without any questions. Just get informed and inform your group. The last point to decide is what to do in case of other hikers encounters. As a group, you will probably want to stay naked, but for respect of others, and to avoid causing distress, particularly to children, you may ask everybody to keep a cover-up handy, so you can “get dressed” quickly if need be.

Then on the D-Day, enjoy the friendship and the healthy sweat of a joyful naked hike!

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Nudist idea #3: Hike naked

Image result for naked hikingMore and more people are hiking naked. Even famous brands talk about it, like in the The art of nude hiking . Beyond the NEWT (Naked European Walking Tour) that happen every year in Austria, there are many naked hikers group across Europe and the US.

Hiking is a very healthy activity. You enjoy nature at a slow pace, taking the time to look around and appreciate life. Joining hiking to nudism brings a healthy activity and an awesome lifestyle together for a greater good. You feel free, appreciate the air and the sun on your bare skin, and share good time with friends.

Image result for naked hikingThere are many groups who mix clothed and naked hikers. Respect being a central point here. The great thing with naked hiking is you do not need much and it’s therefore a very cheap activity. Think just about equipping yourself with a cover up in case you meet other hikers who do not appreciate nudity, as it’s still on the edge of legality in many places. Ensure you know the local regulation before going on a naked hike and always carry your membership card of your local nudist/naturist federation. If you want to know more about naked hiking, read my 10 good reasons to hike naked.

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What does it really change?

588026420_1280x720I was having a discussion with a bunch of friends about hiking and more specifically naked hiking. One of my female friend was really puzzled and asked this simple question: “but what does it change? You can walk wearing a light short and that should not change anything, so what does it really change to walk naked?” My answer was one word: “Everything!”

Now I continued. “Have you ever skinny dipped? You know, just dropping your clothing and jumped into the water entirely naked? How did it feel?”. The answer was of course it felt great not only because of the feeling of the water over her naked body, but also because it was kinda… forbidden. True, first timer feels going over the border and it creates this adrenaline-induced feeling of transgression.

“Now,” I continued, “if you get to go on a nudist beach and get naked to tan and swim, you will not feel anymore, quite quickly actually, this feeling of transgression. What will remain though is this feeling of well-being. This is exactly what naked hikers are experiencing too.”

“Yes, I get that” my friend said, but it does not change much if you are wearing a swimsuit or nothing, does it?”

naked_hiking“Well,” I replied “you may argue it does not change much for you, and I would agree because I am not you. However, having the feeling a wet suit on your body is not the best sensation ever. Like having the feeling of fabric of a short on your sweating skin. I understand it’s not for everybody, and going beyond the feeling or shame or transgression is a personal journey, but I think you get it, don’t you?”

And this was almost the end of the discussion. It’s very difficult for non nudist to understand what nudism/naturism is about. Nudity being a bad thing, tied to sexuality, is so engrained in our society that it creates all kind of reaction in non nudists. On the journey to become a nudist, you generally go through those strange feeling and questions whether nudity is bad or good. Even for people raised in nudist families, they may go through those questions and feeling as they grow old. This is why being surrounded by like-minded people, goind to nudist beaches and resorts help a lot. It helps as well to get confronted to people who question nudism, as it makes others think about it. The more we talk about it, the better, as we can bring more people to nudism.

So, in the end, what does it really change to hike naked or to wear just a light short? Well, for naturists, it changes everything. The feeling of freedom is uncomparable. No fabric on your skin, your body entirely breathing, and the well-being it generates are just difficult to describe as they are to be lived. So yes, it may not change anything for a majority of people, and I respect this. This should not prevent us to explain that we are better hiking naked, that there’s nothing wrong with it and we can hike together with clothed people as diversity makes the world richer!

Get naked, stay naked, live naked and share the naked love!

The art of nude hiking


Take a famous brand of sports gear, Columbia, take a great outdoor activity, hiking, mix this with nudism, and you get an article on the art of nude hiking on the Columbia’s blog. It’s just awesome! Here are their 9 tips for hiking nude:

  1. Protect your feet. Walking barefoot on rocky track is not really neither comfortable nore secured. Good hiking shoes are required. However, if you want the ultimate experience in nude hiking, Vibram Five Fingers will become your best friends. I talked about using them for running, and some models are just great for hiking!
  2. Nudist Welcome. Pick a spot where you can extend your nude hiking experience, by going to a nudist resort or B&B. You may find other nudists to go and walk with you. Nude hiking is much funnier with a group of like-minded people.
  3. Avoid the public. If simple nudity is not forbidden in most places, it can anoy some people. Be prepared to grab a cover up in case of encounter and do not shy away to start talking about your practice. I’m still surprised by the positive reaction you get from other hikers when you start talking about hiking naked.
  4. Study up poisonous plants. Without clothes you’re not protected. If you walk on a large track, there’s nothing to be scared of. However, if you are going offtrack or on narrow ones, be prepared to recognised the bad guys.
  5. Venture out early morning or evening. Less encounters, less sun too. And in warm days, much cooler!
  6. Stay hydrated. Your skin will thank you!
  7. Concealed carry. Although it’s awesome to be completely naked, a small backpack will carry your essential items and water!
  8. Safety in numbers. Group hike is always better and safer when naked.
  9. Celebrate. Hike naked everytime it’s possible (even in winter, with chilly weather it may be possible when the sun shines and you are walking at a good pace), and celebrate all hikes.

640385921_0a8a64a232_bHiking is a very healthy activity that anybody can do. Naked hiking is really stitching a lifestyle, nudism, and a healthy activity, hiking. It’s, personnally, one of my preferred activities up to a point that it’s very difficult to hike with any kind of clothes on, once you have tried naked hiking. So it’s great this form of hiking is recognized by one of the major brands of hiking gears of the planet! We need to continue to spread the good news by driving more people to naked hiking, hike more naked, and talk about naked hiking to all our friends and family.

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Some great advice on hiking nude

Naked hiking is gaining momentum and increased visibility with this article from Mens Journal. I’ve written on naked hiking, and have given 10 good reasons to do so. Although this article focuses on the US and particularly on US National parks, it comes with two sound advices:

  1. Ask permission
  2. Join a group

Let’s look at why those are great advice.

Ask permission

WNBR_London_2014_9Asking permission is pretty straightforward. In most cases, permission will be granted, as non sexual nudity is generally accepted. There are numerous articles on this activity that demonstrates the acceptance of it by a majority of people. Asking permission is particularly important if your hike crosses private land.

Permission granted, you will hike more relaxes and will enjoy more your hike. In some countries, like Austria for instance, non sexual nudity is allowed by law, therefore you can enjoy freely. In others, like France, the law is unclear and you may drop on the wrong side of the fence without really wanting it. Better safe than sorry, keep handy something to cover yourself in case of encountering somebody and have your naturist federation card with you.

Join a group

nrc2Joining a group is probably the best thing to do if you wish to hike in your birthday suit. There are more and more naked hikers group in most countries, look for them around you and join. An online network like whose mission is to provide a safe place for people to post Naked and Active content may help you to find like-minded people around you.

Furthermore, beyond being a safer choice, hiking naked as a group is much more fun and social. Naturism is all about sharing, and joining a group will bring your naked hiking practice to another level. Not only you may increase the number of your naturist friends, you will increase the number of naked hikes you will participate in, because most of the groups are really active.


Beware though, naked hiking is addictive. Once you have started, it’s very difficult to hike again with clothes on. The feeling of freedom of hiking naked is unmatched. Give it a try, you will probably never regret it!

If you look for more information on naked hiking and want to hear from experienced naked hikers, I recommend wonderful book Naked Hiking, that exists in French, under the title Randonue.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


My #nudist resolutions for 2017

At the beginning of every year, I reflect on the previous one and check what worked and what did not. Last year, I made 5 resolutions:

  1. Spend a full week clothes free. Whether the NEWT or a clothes optional resort, I have not yet made up my mind.
  2. Organize at least one clothes-optional party at home. Not all my friends are naturist, so I’ll need to pick the ones who are and the ones who are not and are OK to stay clothed while others are naked. It will definitely be fun!
  3. Participate in one naked 5K. I will find the right one that fits with my schedule so I can plan ahead and run bare!
  4. Make and display a “clothes optional” sign at my house. I have been writing about it, never done it. I want to do a kind of vintage signage. I have some ideas so I need to plan accordingly to find the right material and do it.
  5. Visit one new nudist resort. You expand your mind by visiting new places and meeting new people. Based on my trips, I will ensure I spend a day or two in a nudist resort to spend time socially naked.

Well, I have to confess that beyond number 1, the other 4 did not make the grade. Number 2 did not happen because my wife did not feel totally comfortable about it. Number 3 was not planned therefore did not happen. I was an inch away to do number 4 but fell short because I did not place the order for the wooden letters I found because of the price tag. And I had to cancel number 5 because of a crazy family schedule. Not a really good picture. On the positive side though, I hiked naked more time than I imagined and that gives me plenty of wonderful memories.

So this year, resolution time comes again and my nudist resolutions are the following:

  1. Spend another full week clothes free. I cannot participate to the NEWT, but I will find a naturist resort and will go and spend one full week with my wife. The Caribbeans may be…
  2. Make and display a “clothes optional” sign at my house. This year is the right one. I have sketches of this and will dedicate some time to find the right wooden letters at the right price.
  3. Make at least 5 naked hikes. And expand the group of people I am hiking naked with. A great way to make new naturist friends.

And I will stick to those 3. Less is more. And you, did you pass the 2016 grade? Are you committing to new activities for 2017? I look forward to reading your resolutions in the comment area.

Update – August 15

  1. Happened mid-July – It was holiday at home, due to budget restrictions, but enjoyed full nudity the whole week, as the weather was gorgeous!
  2. Ongoing. Have not made up my mind on whether I should make it or purchase a sign.
  3. Am at four currently, and hope to be able to make fifth in the coming weeks.
  4. Additional. I did visit a new nudist club, Olive Dell Ranch, while on a business trip and had the opportunity to spend a week-end in SoCal. Just wonderful!

3 naked activities for a spring week-end

Eh… TGIF! And tonight the week-end starts. So as I was thinking about what to share today, I came up with three activities that I will do over the week-end weather permitting of course, and that you can do too. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, nothing incredible, just three simple activities that do not require clothes apart from a hat if the sun shines and good shoes if the terrain is spiky. Here we go!

  1. A naked hike. Open a map of your surroundings, a hiking map if possible, spot a nice track you have not done, grab your shoes, your hat and some sunscreen. Pack some snacks and water, a lot of water, and off you go. 4, 5 or 6 hours of total nakedness in nature.
  2. A naked swim. It’s beach time again. The water will be chilly for course, but cold water is very good for the skin and for overall health. So grab a towel, sunscreen, snacks, water and head to the nearest naturist beach. A great way to gently start your overall tan for the coming summer.
  3. Naked gardening. If you happen to have a garden, take care of it. Mow the lawn, prune dead branches and gather the remaining of the leaves from the last winter. Make your garder beautiful so all flowers blossom in wonderful colors and shape.

As I said, nothing fancy, nothing expensive, just pure happiness in the best suit ever, your birthday one. Many if not all activities can be undertaken in full nudity, so go for it, it’s the best feeling ever!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

The Nude Picture of 1000+ Words

When you are a nudist, every opportunity to get naked is a good one! Check this great post from Jade.

The Naked Jade

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Then again maybe sometimes it’s actually worth more than a thousand words. I like to tell myself that that is the case with the picture here.

On an unrelated side note, I have to say that I really dislike using ‘that that’ together in a sentence. Although it is grammatically acceptable, I simply prefer not to use it. But that is another story, isn’t it?

Back to the point: the picture! It was taken during the month of June last year. When I look at it, I am reminded of the warm summer air, the beautiful blue sky, the birds and the bees as well as the trees and flowers that are so full of life. Summer truly is my favorite season – as I am sure is the case for most people – especially if you are a nudist…

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Naked European Walking Tour 2013, a video

If you like hiking and are contemplating hiking naked, the NEWT is the event to participate in. NEWT stands for Naked European Walking Tour and takes place every July in the Austrian Alps The next edition, the 12th actually, will take place from July 9 to 16, 2016. In the meantime, have a look at the video of the 2013 tour below, definitely a must-do for all naturist lovers!

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A #naked walk in the forest at night

51WQgCurteL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_A week or two ago, I started reading Naked in the Woods, a guide to Spiritual nudity by Storm Moon. As a naturist who loves hiking naked in the woods and who started naked meditation some months ago, the theme was of deep interest. I loved the first pages, the description of our links to our mother earth and how nudity can help us getting closer to nature, this spoke directly to my deep feelings. Then, when the author started to speak about his personal practice of nude walk in the forest, it stroke me that I was never entirely naked when hiking: I had walking shoes, a rucksack, a cap… What would it be to be entirely naked?

The question needed an answer. As it was dusk, I decided to go for a walk in the forest entirely naked, leaving everything, clothes, watch, shoes. As I was already naked, I just had to take my watch off, let my sandals go and off I went to the forest. There was a little part of risk as the path to the forest from my home had to go through some public areas, cross a road and go along some house. Although it was a Sunday evening, the risk of meeting somebody was not totally nil. However, the appeal was too strong not to take the risk, I had to do it!

I left home in the dark, the dog was so happy to go on an unexpected walk and went out the garden. I was outside, barefoot, entirely naked! Some houses were lit, and I walked along, entering the forest after a short while having encountered nobody. My confidence grew and all my senses were into play. I felt a rejuvenated feeling of freedom. Feeling the earth below my naked feet, leaves, grass, rocks was an incredible sensation. My whole body was free of any constraint and my skin could feel every single grain of air. This was an incredible feeling. I walked on a track I knew well, barely lit by a half moon, listening to the sound of the forest, enjoying every step.

At one point, I turned into a side path, stopped on a grass patch, and lied down, letting the earth and the air surrounding me. I let go completely my muscles, looking at the moon playing with the clouds and the top of the trees gently moving. I spotted a couple of bats, heard some animal noise in a far distance, a couple of mice came close, and a large smile came onto my face, deeply enjoying the experience. After a while, I stood up and walked back slowly to the house.

All in all, the walk had lasted half an hour. Not a lot, but so relaxing, so different from normal hikes. I was without any safety net, any crutch, entirely naked in the woods, and I discovered a new world. I will go back for sure, for longer walks, for walks with my wife, for walks in the day too, as naked in nature, with no clothes at all is a complete different experience I encourage you to do.

Of course, Naked in the woods is a great read if you want to embrace nudity in nature, naked meditation and recreate those long-forgotten links to nature!

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