Nudist idea #28: Get naked as soon as you come back home

We all lived in a clothed world, even for those of us who chose to live in nudist communities. We all have to get clothed to go to work, run errands, or visit non nudist friends or family. However, we can make our home a nudist haven, where we can be as naked as we want.

Image result for taking shoes offHere’s a little ritual you can follow. As soon as you close the front door behind you, kick your shoes off , put some cool music on and head to your bathroom. Get naked and take a soothing shower. This will clean you from your day, both physically and psychologically. Then, pamper yourself with some cool body lotion and fragrance, step on a comfortable pair of shoes or stay barefoot, and enjoy the rest of your day or evening, in your birthday suit!

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For there on, stay naked until the next morning. You really don’t need to wear anything to do your homework, taking care of house chores, cooking dinner or even open the door to the pizza boy (if you never open your front door naked to a delivery guy, try it, it’s guaranteed fun). Furthermore, if you are an aspiring nudist, it will be a great way to get more an more comfortable in your own skin, in preparation for the big day when you will experience social nudity.

If you share your home with others, have a discussion beforehand on getting naked while at home. It may be a difficult one, and even an impossible one if your roommates are totally reluctant to the idea. It may be the trigger for your to change place, if it’s possible of course. Otherwise, you will need time until acceptance makes its way. You may want to refer to my post, 4 ways to explain to friends and family why you are a #nudist.

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Nudist idea #27: Live entirely naked for 2 full days (and 3 nights)

You did one day, you can do two! This is just about a full week-end. From Friday evening until Monday morning: Not touching a single piece of clothing for two full days (and three dull night). How does it feel? I can tell you that for having done it multiple time, it still feels great!

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Of course, this may require a little bit of planning and it needs to be really intentional. A few things to consider to make these two days a success. First, the weather needs to be on your side: warm, including the evening (nothing greater than to spend an evening outside under a full moon, naked). Second, you need to ensure you get everything stocked so you do not need to leave your premises (the best is to spend the week-end at your local naturist club or resort, so everything will be available without requiring any form of clothing). Third and last, just undress on the Friday evening and let the week-end unfold.

Image result for happy nudists at home

So what to expect for a full two-day of nakedness? A lot of happiness and well being! Of course, it’s great to be naked, however, think about it this way. You wake up in the morning, go a have a shower, a breakfast, do your gym or go for a hike or a swim, then have lunch, spend the afternoon with friends, have a sundowner, then dinner and why not party, go to bed, rinse and repeat the next day, all this, without having to think about wearing anything but your smile. Just thinking and writing about it brings great memories. It’s such a wonderful liberating feeling to be able to just be oneself in our best fit birthday suit for a couple of days. However, beware. The moment you test and enjoy two full days of nakedness, you will wish it never ends and will want to have another day, then another day, then another day. As said multiple times, nudism is highly addictive, but so comfortable!

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Nudist idea #21: Invite your friends to undress when coming to your place

Unless everyone knows you are a nudist and expect you to be naked when coming to your place, this is not an easy one! However, it’s a very pleasant one, as you can be yourself, naked, even if your friends are not embracing a naked status.

Image result for naked friends at home

Image result for nudists at homeBeing naked with friends is a pleasant experience. All nudists know this. Bringing non nudists in a nudist setting is, I believe, even more pleasant, as it enriches their own experience and enlarges our nudist circle of friends. Although the first step is to to share to your friends that you are a nudist, and we went through some ideas on how to do this, like, the Nudist idea #7: Leave your #Naturist Magazines on your Coffee Table. Once they know, then ask if they would like to share some nude time.

If so, you can start at home or at your local club. I tend to prefer the local club, as it provides a total naturist experience with people who are used to welcome newbies. Once this step is over, you can propose that they join you naked at your place and therefore get naked on arrival if you have invited them for a moment at your place. Nudism is a wonderful lifestyle, as nudists know it. For sure, we cannot be naked every single minute, but the more, the merrier, and inviting your friends to drop their clothes off is a great way to increase nude time!

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Time to grow up – nudism is normal and natural!

I find it hard to react with nothing other than hilarity that people are getting off on the idea of naked bodies, their mental capacity often stuck at age 14 regardless of however many years they’ve lived on this earth. ‘Tee hee hee…it’s a willy‘ [insert alternative pet name for penis here] shrieks some girls […]

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Nudist idea #16: Live entirely naked for 24 hours

A great way to appreciate nudist living is to commit to living as much as possible naked. One way to get more into it is to commit to spending a full day and a full night entirely naked.

Image result for having a nudist breakfastLet’s say you wake up on a Saturday morning at 8AM, commit to not wear any clothes until the next morning! If you commit to doing this at your local nudist club, it will be much easier that if you commit to doing this at home or in a public place. However, you can plan it ahead!

Plan to spend a full week-end at your local nudist club one summer. Arrive early on the Saturday or even on the Friday evening and leave all your clothes at home (if you can drive naked) or in your car, until the end of the week-end. Try to commit to this, even the evening is a little bit chilly. If it’s the case, plan to stay in your bungalow or tent until the temperature gets warmer.

Image result for home nudistIf you decide to stay at home, stock enough food to avoid having to go shopping and plan some cool activities like reading, watching the series or the movies you wanted to watch, or catching up on DIY projects. Whatever you chose, stay naked until the next morning.

One thing you will notice over time will be you forget you are naked. Your nudity will become so normal, wearing any piece of clothing will feel strange on your skin. Nudity will become so comfortable you will want not only to spend 24 hours naked, but the whole week-end and probably more. This will be the sign that nudism has really sunken into your skin.

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Nudist idea #8: Organize a naked dinner

Image result for naked restaurantInviting some friends for a dinner? Why not inviting some nudist friends and have a naked dinner? You can also grab the opportunity to invite non-nudist friends and let them know there will be some nudists at the dinner and if they do not mind, this will be a clothing optional dinner!

Nudist dinners are fun. The first good thing is that you do not have to care of what to wear. No formal suit, just your birthday one! Of course, you can always wear some nice jewelery, it’s a dinner and a perfect occasion to “overdress”!

Image result for nudist dinner

The second thing with is great about naked dinner parties is they are much more relaxed than clothed ones. By being naked, we know it will be a laid-back, cool and joyful moment among nudist friends.

Of course, if there are non nudist to the dinner you can propose that they get naked or stay clothed. Your naked dinner is a clothing optional one. However, there is good chance if your clothed friends accepted the dinner that they will undress sooner than later. I notices that it’s always more uncomfortable to stay clothed in the middle of naked people than the opposite. Surely because naked people are comfortable in being naked.

Image result for dine nakedOn the organization, prepare towels for your guest, as they may not think of bringing one, particularly if they are coming dressed and undress at your place (hint: if you are invited to a naked party, leave your place naked and drive to your friends if you can park close). You can also decide on the menu based on Naked Food Magazine for instance, with naked appetizers, naked entrees and naked deserts (in this context, naked means new authentic kind and enlightened diet, but hey, it’s naked like our guests).

Overall, have fun. It will be a memorable experience, and I’m pretty sure you will look forward to organizing others. Share you experience and comments below and remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

4 good reasons to be nude

Here are four good reaons to be nude more often provided by Cypress Cove Nudist Resort:

  1. It feels good!
  2. It’s more comfortable!
  3. Swimming without the hassle of a bathing suit.
  4. It’s easier to move without the restriction of clothing.

All very good reasons to adopt the most incredibly awesome lifestyle: naturism!

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When nudity becomes the new normal

The day you join a nudist resort, club or beach, you enter a new world of freedom and respect. However, there’s something you may not know yet: nudity is about to become your new normal. Let me explain what I mean by new normal.

Becoming a nudist

A lot of first time nudists will eventually become lifetime nudists. Every nudist will talk about this wonderful feeling of freedom, as soon you understand nobody cares about how you look. Nudity becomes therefore an accepted state. Generally, this is when you start to stop thinking about being naked. You just are enjoying the moment, without clothes.

Of course, time will come when you need to get dressed again. A certain level of sadness will fill you, as you leave this wonderful state of freedom. Rapidly, if weather and security allow, you will feel the need to get naked again. This could be your home, your garden or any place that accepts your nudity.

After a couple of days or weeks, you will feel immensely better entirely naked than with any form of clothing, even light and small. This is the moment I call the new normal. Your nudity will feel natural, simple, a real no-brainer. Up to a point that you will feel the need to share this with your friends and family. This is also the moment when you will want to have some books on naturism to know more, to subscribe to the magazine of your local naturist federation and leave them on your coffee table, or to just ask your friends to join you in your naturist life.

The New Normal

And your new normal will be the beginning of a wonderful naturist life. Naturism is, IMHO, the most wonderful lifestyle. The levels of freedom, friendship and simplicity are just unmatched.

The only caveat is naturists are still a minority and nudism is not widely accepted. However, it’s growing with movements like Free the Nipple or associations like APNEL, more and more people are exposed to non sexual nudity. It may need another century to be able to chose nudity as a possible clothing option, but I hope we will get there and the next generations can freely chose to be naked whenever and wherever they want.

Try nudism and you will discover a new world, where nudity will soon become your new normal.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

What’s the difference? (being naked or not)

I’m often asked the question: but what’s the difference being naked or wearing just a swimsuit for instance? And this question came back to mind as I was taking off my short during one of my morning jog, to continue naked.

At that precise moment, I felt at the same time very good and my true self, and this was exactly the answer to the “what’s the difference question”. However, it’s difficult to explain to a non naturist, what does “very good” mean? Can’t you feel very good clothed? Yes, probably. So, in order to explain what’s the difference, I will take a couple of examples that explain it.

Warm and inviting as a fireplace in winter

Imagine you spend a couple of hours outside in the cold. You are well dressed, it’s snowing and the cold bites you. While you like winter, you start thinking about the fire and a hot chocolate/coffee/tea in front of the fireplace.

The moment to come back home arrives. You enter the house, take your jacket, gloves and boots off, and head to the lounge, where logs burn in the fireplace. The warmth of the fire is incredibly pleasant. You feel “very good”!

If you’ve lived in a cold country in winter, you’ve probably experienced this feeling. This is the exact same “very good” I felt when I took my short off and got naked. It’s a subtle alas !

Refreshing and relaxing as a swimming pool in summer

Imagine your spend a couple of hours outside in the hot summer day of a tropical country. You are lightly dressed to protect you from the sun. While you like summer, you start thinking about the swimming pool and to dive into it.

The moment to come back home arrives. You enter the garden, take your t-shirt, short and shoes off and dive into the swimming pool. The water is at the perfect refreshing temperature.  You feel “very good”!

If you’ve spend time in a warm country in summer, you’ve probably experienced this feels. This is the exact same “very good” I felt when I took my short off and got naked. It’s a subtle alas !

No shame, just no clothes

Naturism is about feeling good in your birthday suit, and this piece of clothes, how small it may be, makes whole the difference. It’s subtle, it may be seen as ridiculous, but this is what a naturist feels between wearing something and being naked.

A lot has been written of the various benefits of naturism, including many posts on this blog dedicated to naturism. And the first reason for me and for many naturists I know has always been: if feels good! And yes, a small piece of clothes makes all the difference!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!