Nudist idea #33: Create a nudism library

Dozens, it not hundreds, of books exist on naturism, both fiction and non-fiction. You will find some on my books page and a more complete list on Paul’s. If you have your own personal library, you can open a section dedicated to naturism and nudism.


Of course, it could be a pure digital library on your e-reader. However, I would encourage you to purchase some hard copies to put on display in your own library. This way, you can share those books with others, leave them on your coffee table to break the ice about nudism. It’s very funny to see questions from non-nudists about some of the books you can leave on your coffee table while they are visiting. They are first intrigued, and they generally ask the question: “Are you a naturist?” And it’s the beginning of an interesting discussion.


Although I have many books on naturism, my fiction ones are on my Kindle, while the non fiction ones are paper based, to be able to share them. Some are on the shelves of my library, while others are on the coffee table in the lounge, as you can see on the picture on the right. Your library will then serve a dual purpose. 1. Provide you with tons of information about nudism and naturism in the world. 2. Allow you to display to friends and family who visit you that you are a naturist.  As we all know, naturism is an incredible, healthy and natural lifestyle that needs to be shared with as many people as possible. This is what a library is all about: sharing knowledge!

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Nudist idea #32: Participate in World Naked Gardening Day

World Naked Gardening Day is one of those days when nudity and nature are celebrated. You will find more information on the website. It’s happening every year on the first Saturday of May, and this year on May 5, 2018. Why garden naked? I will quote the wngd website:

First of all, it’s fun! Second only to swimming, gardening is at the top of the list of family-friendly activities people are most ready to consider doing nude. Moreover, our culture needs to move toward a healthy sense of both body acceptance and our relation to the natural environment. Gardening naked is not only a simple joy, it reminds us–even if only for those few sunkissed minutes–that we can be honest with who we are as humans and as part of this planet.

Image result for World Naked Gardening DayI really think all is said in those simple sentences. It’s fun, family friendly, healthy and natural. On top of this, it can bring more people to naturism and to accept their own bodies. It’s a great occasion to organize a clothing optional barbecue at your place and expose people to the joy of being naked together outside. It’s actually one of the most important goals of this day: sharing. Sharing the day, sharing the fun, sharing the experience!

Image result for World Naked Gardening DayWorld Naked Gardening Day is one of those few opportunities the nudism world offers to share this incredible lifestyle called naturism! As naturists, we all know the many benefits that naturism brings. It’s our duty to share our lifestyle, the joy and happiness that go with it. Naturism rocks. Grab the Word Naked Gardening Day, make it yours, live it the way you want and overall, have fun!

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Nudist idea #31: Stop buying swimsuits

I cannot believe I started this thread of 100 ideas already one month ago. Already 30 ideas were published and read by more than 20,000 people! Thank you for all your comments and encouragements. So coming to the idea #31, it goes well with the nudist idea #29, avoid textile beach. When you do not own swimsuits, you will not be able to go to a textile beach.

Image result for clothing optional beachIn my own personal case, I don’t remember the last time I bought a swimsuit (Actually I do, and it was the tiniest possible speedo I could find so I could take it off as fast as possible and stack it deep into my bag, taking as little space as possible). I have only a couple of swimsuits left, and I am not sure what I will do when the last one get so old, I cannot wear it anymore (I may need to keep one, in case of, but not even sure… time will tell).

Image result for clothing optional beachAnyway, think about using your money on other things that swimsuits. I love the post titled Why bathing suits are pointless and unhealthy. It just shows why we need all beaches to become clothing optional, so the world can get rid of this useless piece of clothing. And once you do not own any of those swimsuits, textile beaches are no longer an option and sharing your love for nudism becomes easier as you will have to tell friends and families that you need to go to the nude beach or that you will be naked if they join you on your premises if you have a swimming pool.

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Nudist idea #30: Organize naked hikes

OK, you may say it’s really close to the nudist idea #3: Hike naked. And you are somehow right. However, there’s a difference between hiking naked on your own and setup a naked hikers group, and organize some cool naked hikes with those friends.

Image result for naked hiking

First, you need to gather all your naked hikers friends. You need to agree on a date, and finally you need to agree on the trail you are going to hike. Not everybody has the same physical capabilities, and you may need to find the right consensus so everybody feels welcome.

One thing you may want to check is that everybody has the right insurance coverage in case anything happens. You are not a professional organizer, just a bunch of friends hiking together, but security first!

Image result for naked hiking

Then, of course, you need to ensure you are not breaking any laws. There are some part of the world where nudity is a big no-no and totally unlawful. In others, it’s accepted and you’ll be able to hike naked without any questions. Just get informed and inform your group. The last point to decide is what to do in case of other hikers encounters. As a group, you will probably want to stay naked, but for respect of others, and to avoid causing distress, particularly to children, you may ask everybody to keep a cover-up handy, so you can “get dressed” quickly if need be.

Then on the D-Day, enjoy the friendship and the healthy sweat of a joyful naked hike!

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Nudist idea #29: Avoid textile beaches

Swimming and getting tanned naked is a kind of a no-brainer. If we can avoid bathing suits at all costs, we will. Hence, we need to avoid textile beaches!

Image result for naked beach

There are dozens if not hundreds of nude beaches, have a look at those two previous posts Top 10 World’s Most Popular Nude Beaches and Some of the World’s Best Nude Beaches. Now, there may be beaches closer to home or the place you are spending your holidays (if not, you need to rethink your next holiday, with the nudist idea #23: Plan your holiday with #nudism in mind). And if there are definitely not a single sign of a nudist beach in the vicinity, you may walk a little bit more, to find a secluded area or a spot further away from textile sunbathers to disrobe completely.

Image result for naked beach

It is noted that some beaches are clothing optional, without being tagged as official nude beaches. Common sense should prevail in those instances, and you may get naked if you are not the only. Although I’ve noticed than in some cases, sometimes the first one who gets naked sends the nudity signal, and others generally follow through. Not always the case, but you may want to try if you are brave enough. If you happen to be a group of nudists, you can all get naked and create your own portion of clothing optional beach.

Image result for naked hikingOf course, all this may not be possible everywhere, and there will be instances where the swimsuit will be mandatory. You will not want to avoid some beautiful places on the planet under the reason they are not clothing optional. The solution is then to wear as little as possible and accepted a swimsuit, and take it out as soon as you are in water. You will not avoid totally the tan lines, but you will enjoy some nude swimming.

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Nudist idea #28: Get naked as soon as you come back home

We all lived in a clothed world, even for those of us who chose to live in nudist communities. We all have to get clothed to go to work, run errands, or visit non nudist friends or family. However, we can make our home a nudist haven, where we can be as naked as we want.

Image result for taking shoes offHere’s a little ritual you can follow. As soon as you close the front door behind you, kick your shoes off , put some cool music on and head to your bathroom. Get naked and take a soothing shower. This will clean you from your day, both physically and psychologically. Then, pamper yourself with some cool body lotion and fragrance, step on a comfortable pair of shoes or stay barefoot, and enjoy the rest of your day or evening, in your birthday suit!

Related image

For there on, stay naked until the next morning. You really don’t need to wear anything to do your homework, taking care of house chores, cooking dinner or even open the door to the pizza boy (if you never open your front door naked to a delivery guy, try it, it’s guaranteed fun). Furthermore, if you are an aspiring nudist, it will be a great way to get more an more comfortable in your own skin, in preparation for the big day when you will experience social nudity.

If you share your home with others, have a discussion beforehand on getting naked while at home. It may be a difficult one, and even an impossible one if your roommates are totally reluctant to the idea. It may be the trigger for your to change place, if it’s possible of course. Otherwise, you will need time until acceptance makes its way. You may want to refer to my post, 4 ways to explain to friends and family why you are a #nudist.

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Nudist idea #27: Live entirely naked for 2 full days (and 3 nights)

You did one day, you can do two! This is just about a full week-end. From Friday evening until Monday morning: Not touching a single piece of clothing for two full days (and three dull night). How does it feel? I can tell you that for having done it multiple time, it still feels great!

Image result for happy nudists

Of course, this may require a little bit of planning and it needs to be really intentional. A few things to consider to make these two days a success. First, the weather needs to be on your side: warm, including the evening (nothing greater than to spend an evening outside under a full moon, naked). Second, you need to ensure you get everything stocked so you do not need to leave your premises (the best is to spend the week-end at your local naturist club or resort, so everything will be available without requiring any form of clothing). Third and last, just undress on the Friday evening and let the week-end unfold.

Image result for happy nudists at home

So what to expect for a full two-day of nakedness? A lot of happiness and well being! Of course, it’s great to be naked, however, think about it this way. You wake up in the morning, go a have a shower, a breakfast, do your gym or go for a hike or a swim, then have lunch, spend the afternoon with friends, have a sundowner, then dinner and why not party, go to bed, rinse and repeat the next day, all this, without having to think about wearing anything but your smile. Just thinking and writing about it brings great memories. It’s such a wonderful liberating feeling to be able to just be oneself in our best fit birthday suit for a couple of days. However, beware. The moment you test and enjoy two full days of nakedness, you will wish it never ends and will want to have another day, then another day, then another day. As said multiple times, nudism is highly addictive, but so comfortable!

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Nudist idea #26: Sleep naked

This is probably the most obvious idea of all and a good start if you are not nudist to appreciate the comfort of your own body.

Image result for sleep naked

I cannot remember the last time I slept wearing something and I cannot imagine sleeping wearing anything. I know that may be a controversial topic as many people love their PJs and cannot imagine being naked, with all those nasty bacterias and their clean soft expensive sheets. However, there are many, many benefits to sleeping naked that have been described extensively by doctors. Just Google “Sleep naked” to find tons of articles and posts on the topic. I even reblogged one: 5 Reasons to Sleep Naked Every Night.

Image result for sleep nakedOne of the many benefits is of course the comfort. If you are a home nudist, no need to get up and undress or dress to go to bed! Just sleep as you are, wake up and prepare your breakfast naked, and that’s it. Same in the evening, have a shower or a hot bath and then go between the sheets as you were, clean and fresh for the night. Another benefit of sleeping naked for non nudists is the introduction to nudism and growing the comfort of being naked. Once you are used to sleep naked, you can start doing naked activities around your home. Finally, once you are used to sleep naked, you will never go back to wearing anything at night!

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Nudist idea #25: Negotiate #nudist time with your local gym club

It’s now accepted that daily exercise is good for our health, and a mix of cardio and strength workout is recommended. If you like me, dislike sweating in a t-shirt and short, working out naked is the best solution. However, your local gym may not be open to your naked practice, unless you asked.

Image result for naked workout

In most gyms, there are always time in the day or the evening when there are less people, if any. Of course, the owner will always ask how she can ensure that her facilities are used to the maximum, and this is the conversation you and a couple of fellow nudists could have. Go a meet the owner of your local gym and ask her/him if she/he could offer one or a few spots in the week when you could workout naked.

Image result for naked workout

Of course, you may need to explain what naturism is about, and that you are going to use towels for hygiene, and that of course, there’s nothing sexual in working out naked at the gym. However, let’s face it. It could be a win-win for the gym owner as you may fill up an empty slot, and for you as you will be able to work out naked. If you wonder if this possible, it is happening already in France and the UK, with the Paris naturists who managed to have a gym and swimming pool open for naturists at some time during the week, and the Naked trainer online, who manages to train naked as well. Naked workout is, IMHO, the best way to work out and it’s worth asking your local gym. The worst that can happen? That you get a no…

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Nudist idea #24: Organize a clothing-optional BBQ

Everybody loves barbecue. It’s fun, friendly and yummy. I love as much the preparation of the barbecue as the barbecue itself with a bunch of friends. If you happen to be in a nudist resort, you can also go shopping naked, but I will come back on this in a future post. However, preparing the food, the meat, marinade, sauces, veggies and so on is fun too.

Image result for naked barbecueSend the invitation to a group of friends, nudists and non-nudists, and inform all that it will be a clothing-optional party. This means that some people may be naked as, you and others, are seasoned naturists, although it’s not sexual but social. It may happen that some of your friends will not want to come as nudity is not their things. I encourage you to insist a little bit and share them a couple of online resources to educate them on naturism. It can be the INF web site or your local federation one. Then give them a couple of days to decide.

Image result for naked barbecueOn D day, have everything setup before your friends arrive so you and them can really enjoy the day. I encourage you too be naked and greet everybody in a joyous manner. Some may be surprised by your nudity, but act normally. If people question your state, just repeat that you told them it was a clothing optional party and they are free to get naked or stay clothed as they wish, and no, it’s not a swinger party (nothing against swingers, but my topic here is naturism not swinging). Of course, wear an apron when grilling, for obvious safety reason!

It happens that some people may stay clothed, but most will join you, particularly if you happen to have a swimming pool. The goal here is really to spend a good time with your friends and expose more people to the benefits of social nudism. A naked barbecue is always a lot of fun and a great bonding time!

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