4 good reasons to be nude

Here are four good reaons to be nude more often provided by Cypress Cove Nudist Resort:

  1. It feels good!
  2. It’s more comfortable!
  3. Swimming without the hassle of a bathing suit.
  4. It’s easier to move without the restriction of clothing.

All very good reasons to adopt the most incredibly awesome lifestyle: naturism!

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Growing as a nudist

The June edition of Undressed Press, American Association for Nude Recreation newsletter, is out. As usual, it is packed with nice articles about naturists’ preferred lifestyle, naturism. This June edition contains a very nice article from Alix Schuttauf (her father used to be AANR Executive Director, as per his LinkedIn profile) . This young lady explains how she grew as a nudist and what naturism has brought her.

Growing up as a nudist has given me a stronger bond with my family.

This [AANR Youth Summer Camps] helped me tackle and overcome the pressure about negative body image, and gave me a better view of body acceptance.

Because of my upbringing in this body-positive environment, I can still be happy knowing that while I may be judged for my body, it truly doesn’t matter to me.

Naturists all know about the numerous benefits of naturism and social nudity. It’s so wonderful to read it from a young lady who has grown up in a nudist environment. She explains in very simple terms the numerous benefits of being a nudist. Share this with your friends and family who are not (yet) nudists and let them discover this wonderful lifestyle that is naturism.

I encourage you joining your local/national naturist association/federation and if you live in the US, join AANR. You can subscribe to this very insightful newsletter by clicking here and download the June edition from here.

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What it feels like to … be a naturist

Another short and sweet article about naturism in the mainstream press, this times, The Herald, from Scotland. In this text, the author describes how he came to naturism, having discovered its benefits. A few quotes from the article:

Everybody was friendly and welcoming

There was a sense of community there (a naturist camp) that you don’t get at an ordinary camp site

You can find if you’re naked and it’s raining, it’s not as bad to walk about naked as it is to walk about with clothes on

Enjoy the article and share your thoughts below.

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What I Learned Spending a Day at a Nudist Resort

A nice article about a nudist experience: What I Learned Spending a Day at a Nudist Resort. Although as a long time naturist a day naked has a different ending. Here are some highlights of this article:

  • Pubic hair is out. Definitely not entirely true but by being naked among other naked people, we realize a lot of people get rid of their pubic hair for sure.
  • Scrotum piercings, however, TOTALLY IN and people are hiding insane tattoos. I think that most nudist don’t care about other people piercing and tattoos, but yes being naked reveal everything.
  • The difference in human bodies is staggering. And this is great for body acceptance!
  • Being told you look younger isn’t a compliment when you’re naked. Not really sure about this one.
  • It’s easier to be friendly when you’re naked. Definitely a great characteristic of nudists.
  • Swingers and fetishists overlap with nudists, but they’re not the same thing and nudity doesn’t equal sex. Social nudism is about carrying your normal life naked. And yes, some nudists are swingers, and some swingers are probably not nudists, but these two groups of people (swingers and nudists) are not the same.
  • Never underestimate the value of sunscreen. Simple truth!
  • Eye contact is critically important. Even more in a nudist environment where staring is a big no-no. And by looking at people in the eye, you see their soul.
  • We naturally want to be clothed. No, not true for everybody, particularly for nudists who have embraced the lifestyle, we naturally want to be naked.

As you will read, even if you disagree with some parts of this article, I think overall it’s a great view on nudism and its many benefits. Enjoy!

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Top reasons you should vacation at a nudist resort—at least once

Another mainstream media article that promotes naturism: Top reasons you should vacation at a nudist resort—at least once. Although naturists may not agree with all reasons, there are some good ones to consider. Here they are with my comments (feel free to comment as well):

  1. It’s good to step out of your comfort zone. Definitely a wonderful way to grow personnaly.
  2. You can spice things up with your partner. Well, tying naturism and spicy life is generally what naturists want to avoid. I would thing holidays in general are a great way to spice things up, not naturists holidays in general.
  3. They’re completely and totally private. A good argument to feel totally relaxed naked. Nobody will sneak in and as everybody is naked, it’s a great way to gain body confidence in a safe environment.
  4. They have killer spa services. Once again, not specific to naturism, but some resorts may have great spa.
  5. They’re located in the world’s most beautiful spots. I cannot but agree with this one, whether in the countryside, on a tropical beach or on the short of a lake, most naturists places are wonderful.
  6. Many resorts are all-inclusive. Not sure why it figures here… How is it related to naturism? Really!?
  7. They’re great for mingling. I would add with like minded persons. A great way to meet new naturist friends to expand your naturist time with friends when you’re back home.
  8. You can be a party animal. I feels every other reason can be applied to non naturist holidays. Now partying naked is a whole different story in itself that should be tried and appreciated!
  9. They can be family friendly. Except for the clubs who apply an adult only policy, and those are generally more swingers than naturist, yes, naturism is family friendly and young kids love be nude.
  10. They’re environmentally friendly. Naturists are generally a little bit more nature oriented and environment conscious, so some resorts apply the naturist philosophy to the max.

As you can see, naturists are from all horizons and reasons, good or bad, are many. The one I would like to add is about body confidence and self confidence. Naturism cultivates confidence, makes you feel good as you are and makes you smile. So do not hesitate, do not think too long and jump, book your next nakation!

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A week-end at SunEden

Many people ask what naturists do when at a naturist resort. I do not know what they imagine or expect, but the reality is probably less mucky than what their imagination can think about. To dispel any myth around naturism, here’s my recent week-end at SunEden, a South African naturist resort, affiliated to the South Africa National Naturist Association, situated approximately one hour North of Johannesburg, in the middle of the bush.

Nakedness starts where the motorway ends

After around 40 minutes of driving on the motorway from Joburg starts the gravel road that leads to SunEden. For me, this is the signal of nakedness. Five hundred meters away from the last remnant of civilization, I stop the car, and throw my clothes away for a 20-minute naked drive. I was waiting for this moment for a while and every minute spent naked counts! Last right turn and here I am in front of the gate, calling Maria. Sesame opens!

After chitchatting for a couple of minutes with Maria, I am unlocking the door of my chalet, a simple one-bedroom little house, with an outside kitchen and a piece of garden. As I was arriving mid-day, it was perfect time to get a light lunch. But before, I went for a walk around the vast domain. With 35 hectares of land, and dozens of antelopes walking around freely, SunEden is a natural heaven. It had rained over the last couple of days, and the track is muddy in some places. Putting my barefoot in the mud is a wonderful sensation that drives me back to my natural human roots.

As I walk, a light wind makes the temperature ideal to be naked. It’s just a wonderful time. Two springboks are lying next to the track, looking at me, but frightened as I come closer. Off they go. I continue walking around for the next 30 minutes, covering most of the domain in a stress less hike. As the sun comes sometimes out of the clouds, I start to sweat and find the swimming pool very appealing. Due to the cloud cover, I’m the only swimmer. The water is delicious and cool down my entire body. But, I’m starting to be hungry and it’s time for lunch!

Getting healthy and happy

I am getting a salad and a sumptuous avocado. The perfect light lunch to recover after a busy week. Finishing lunch, I make a good coffee and grab a magazine for a relaxing moment. However, the sun has decided to be more generous than expected and I realize I’ve forgotten a cap. No issue. I take my wallet and head to the shop, the Kraaines, where Maria greets me. I get a brand new cap, we talk a little about the weather and the much needed rain, then go back to my chalet to start working on this article. With a wonderful sun, birds chirping and insects flying around, ideas flow through my fingers as I type them. All is condensed in those moments where, naked, you feel so well that you do not need much but this simple freedom.

It’s now time to go back to my novel. I need to finish it. It has been a long winding story and I really need to get to the bottom of it! Let’s go, I’m in the right mood! While I was working on a new chapter, the marketing manager of the resort comes to have a quick chat with me. He wants to know if everything’s OK, invite me at having a beer in the evening and goes his way after a brief chitchat. A wonderful chap, like many naturists. After some pages written, a nice tea and biscuits, the sun is slowly going down, time to go for a beer with other SunEden residents at the bar. Going back to my chalet, feeling sleepy, I took a quick shower, have a light dinner and hit the sack for a long peaceful night.

Early birds chirping wake me up gently. It’s dawn and I feel great. I make my first cup of warm tea and go wandering outside. Time for some action. Grabbing my running shoes, I go for my morning jogging around SunEden. After 40 minutes and some gym movements, I grab a towel and head for the swimming pool to break my sweat. Water around my body is the most wonderful feeling ever. I am now ready for a breakfast under the rising sun. With an unfinished coffee, I open my laptop to continue writing this post. Plans for morning? Reading, working on my tan, writing, chatting with residents and who knows?

No clothes, only smiles

Just before lunch, as the weather gets warmer, I go to the swimming pool. There, while I am reading and relaxing on a lounge chair, Burt, a resident comes for a chat. We talk about each other for a while, he says he came four times and decided to purchase a house there. I am a bit jealous as he made a choice I cannot make right now. But I know deep inside that this time will come. I explain how I came to know SunEden and how it became a relaxing retreat during my hectic schedules. We chat like old friends, although we did not know each other five minutes before, and all that in complete nakedness, not even actually thinking about it, but smiling all the time.

The wonderful characteristic of naturists is their smile. As we look at each other in the eyes, smiling becomes natural. You meet smiling people, happy as they are. And no, it is not the holiday effect, most people at SunEden when I am there are not on holiday. They are working people, just coming for a naturist weekend, spending good naked time with friends, enjoying nature sans clothes. Because, one of the key benefits of naturism in places like SunEden is nature.

You are surrounded by nature, trees, animals, birds. You have modern comfort, and no unnecessary luxury. And as you are not wearing anything, no clothes to take care off. Just getting naked and enjoying life, doing what you like best, whether it’s reading, swimming, walking or just chilling with friends. So this is it, after a relaxing week-end, it was time to say goodbye, to get some clothes on to go back to the textile world, but with wonderful memories and a new found energy!

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7 tips to plan your next nakation

Winter is coming to an end and you look forward to spending time naked in the sun. Here’s a simple seven-step process to plan your next vacation with nudism/naturism in mind.

  1. Decide the length. You may not be in total control of the duration of your next holiday, due to personal or professional reasons. However, the planned duration will help you chose where you can go. If you have one week only, you’ll need to pick a nearby place that you can reach in a couple of hours. If you have two weeks or more, you can decide to take up to one full day to reach your vacation. The later works very well in Winter, since remember while it’s Winter in one hemisphere, it’s summer in the Southern hemisphere. So from Europe, you could go to the Caribbean, South Africa or Australia for instance for your next nakation. Many countries are nudist friendly and have naturist resorts and beaches, expand your naked horizon.
  2. Decide the budget. Going on holiday costs money: for the trip, the stay, the food and extras. If you are on a tight budget, camping may be an option. If you want more comfort, you’ll need more cash on hand. So be clear not to be negatively surprised. Sometimes, naturist venues are more expensive than textile ones for weird reasons, and it may impact your budget negatively. Think particularly about the extras. Sometimes it’s cool to be able to get a piña colada, naked on a beach, so get sure you put enough money on the extras so you can indulge yourself.
  3. Decide the surroundings. Seaside, mountain, countryside, city? Whatever you like, narrow your choice to your preferred place. Check what activities you can practice around as well. You may stay in a mountainous environment with a lake and enjoy cool beach too. You may stay in a place where you practice naked hiking also. Look outside of the campsite or resort what you can do naked or clothed. Sometimes, you can walk to a nearby nudist beach, from your nudist resort entirely naked, sometimes not. Some places offer naked activities outside of the resort, some have no activities at all. Some have just a clothing optional pool but you need to be clothed in the resort. Check well the T&Cs and the activities.
  4. Pick three places that fit your choice. Why three and not one? Simply because marketing is one thing, reality is another. Once you chose three places, go over social networks, look for customer experiences, ask your network about advice and real experience with the place. Look for customer experience on non-nudist networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Trip Advisor and on nudist networks. Once you gathered some intelligence, you’re ready to make a choice and book.
  5. Book your trip. Call the chosen resort and negotiate pricing so you come up with the best possible offering for the budget you have. Some places have different pricing depending on the location of the room/bungalow/tent, and if you intend to be out of your room or bungalow most of the time, it may make sense to book a cheaper place at the back of the lot for instance. Remember your extras will almost always be higher than expected. While booking, confirm the activities you discussed on steps 3 and 4. Sometimes activities change year over year, and there may be less or more options here. Better be safe than sorry.
  6. Prepare your packing list. The good think with naturist holidays is you won’t need t a lot of clothes and therefore can use only a carry-on luggage (great option for low cost airline that charges extra for checked luggage). Of course, plan for the unexpected chilly evening or that visit that you want to do to the nearby town that will require clothing. By experience, take minimum clothes, so you minimize your clothing time to the max. Do not forget to think about the activities you’re going to do locally: playing tennis, hiking, windsurfing, etc. This may require special gears like hiking shoes and a simple pareo if you hike light or naked outside of the resort for instance, or your tennis racket. Think about sunscreen and hats. Nakation requires more sunscreen than others, as your body we’ll need to be entirely protected.
  7. Check all travel required papers. This includes passports and visas. Some visas require 2 weeks to be issued, redoing a passport may take 3 to 4 weeks. So plan this well ahead so your holiday time is not spoilt. Ensure you get all hotel and transfer vouchers if any. It’s always painful to pay for a transfer that you booked but forgot the voucher at home. You can also check the legislation on nudity in the country you are going to. Once again, leverage your network to know more about the local rules. Like we say, when in Rome, do like Romans.

On D-day, jump into your clothes and head to your holiday spot. On arrival, get in the mood as soon as possible. That means, get naked as soon as you arrive. If you’re a newbie naturist, you can keep lightly covered the first hour or so, but I would encourage to get fully undressed as soon as possible. A nakation is really a nakation when you can freely move around naked. If I can, I undress in the car before reaching the destination for instance. The more naked, the better. There are clubs or resorts that allow clothing in the evening, so the choice is yours if you want to stay naked or get clothed. Weather permitting, I prefer full nudity, but once again, it’s a matter of choice. Whatever your chose, ensure you spend great holidays, keep the naturist spirit high, come back full of wonderful images in your mind, and share your experience with your other naturist fellows!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

My 5 #nudist resolutions for 2016

Nudist_picnicYes, I know, beyond January, new year’s resolutions are generally forgotten. However, I found a simple way to make them all true, and it boils down to 3 things: make them realistic, have them handy in your diary (paper or electronic) and share them with friends so you can review on a monthly or quarterly basic. So here are my #nudist resolutions for 2016:

  1. Spend a full week clothes free. Whether the NEWT or a clothes optional resort, I have not yet made up my mind.
  2. Organize at least one clothes-optional party at home. Not all my friends are naturist, so I’ll need to pick the ones who are and the ones who are not and are OK to stay clothed while others are naked. It will definitely be fun!
  3. Participate in one naked 5K. I will find the right one that fits with my schedule so I can plan ahead and run bare!
  4. Make and display a “clothes optional” sign at my house. I have been writing about it, never done it. I want to do a kind of vintage signage. I have some ideas so I need to plan accordingly to find the right material and do it.
  5. Visit one new nudist resort. You expand your mind by visiting new places and meeting new people. Based on my trips, I will ensure I spend a day or two in a nudist resort to spend time socially naked.

As you can see, nothing’s unrealistic, but it may require some planning, and it will go with other resolutions I have that are not linked to nudism like some work I want to finish in my house or goals I want to achieve with my family. So let’s meet in a quarter and see how those resolutions progress. What about you? Do you have any nudist resolutions?

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5 ways to widen the circle of your #nudist friends

Clothing OptionalI’ve been thinking lately how to be nude more often? Of course, an easy answer is to undress as soon as it is possible. For instance, after a day at work, get naked as soon as you get home, or even as soon as you get into your car. You can of course spend your week-ends and your holidays in naturist places. This adds to your nude days. However, we are social animals and the best way to increase your nude time is to increase the number of your nudist friends. By having more nudist friends, you can organize nude week-ends at your place or theirs, you can have naked dinners or naked hiking. So after some brainstorming nude in my coach, here are 5 ideas I will implement to increase the number of my nudist friends and you can do the same too.

However, one word of advice. You cannot increase your nudist friends if you are not open about your nudism. You should come out of your closet and be open with friends and family. This may be hard at the beginning, but if you are a naturist, you know what naturism is, you know its many benefits and you know how you feel when you are nude. This is what you should be open and comfortable with. With this set, here are my ideas to increase the number of nudist friends:

  1. Have a « Clothing Optional » sign at your door. This is a simple thing to DIY or you will find dozens of internet sites that will make a sign for you. Get a nice one and hang it. It will inevitably be a wonderful ice breaker to start a conversation on nudism.
  2. Have a pile of naturist magazines on your coffee table. If you are a member of your local naturist federation, there’s a good chance you are a subscriber to their newsletter or magazine. Otherwise you can subscribe to some like Nude & Natural, the magazine of The Naturist Society, or The Australian Naturist magazine (TAN) if you’re down under. Instead of stashing them in your personal library. Put them on your coffee table. So next time you have friends having a beer or dinner at your home, this will definitely be a great ice-breaker.
  3. Have a business card size description of what naturism is and its benefits. If the conversation, when at friends’ or in a restaurant, go over holidays and naturism, take this little card from your wallet and give it to your friend. It could have on one side the definition of naturism, plus the address of your local club, and the benefits of being a naturist on the other side.
  4. Throw nude parties at home mixing naturists and non-naturists. If you already have some naturist friends, throw a nudist barbeque on a Saturday or Sunday, and invite some of your non-naturist friends. Tell them, it will be a fun day and when they arrive, tell them you have some nudist friends today and some guys may be nude. So if they feel getting nude too, they are welcome.
  5. When at friends’ place on week-ends, always ask if you can swim naked in their swimming pool or undress to help with the BBQ. This is the reverse of the previous idea. You’re invited to a BBQ, weather is beautfil, everybody’s in short or in swimsuit, tell you’re a nudist and ask if anybody is offenced if you get naked. If nobody is, wear your preferred suit. It may that others follow you!

As you can see, this is not rocket science but requires you are open about your nudism. It may happen that some of your friends may not stay your friends, as they will find nudity offending. But let me tell you that it’s probably not going to happen, because friends are friends. They may not be comfortable with you being nude with them being clothed and you may come to a decision to stay dressed if this friendship matters to you, but you will feel so much better. Share your ideas by commenting below. I will be looking forward to your own ideas as well.

Getting #naked is good for you, a woman’s point of view

This post made my day! I was browsing the web on my tablet, having a coffee, naked as usual in the morning when I bumped on this article in my WordPress summary. I read it twice just to ensure I was not skipping any word. It’s witty, respectful and right to the point.

If you are a naturist, it may remind you of your first club visit and of this question that we all asked ourselves: « why on earth didn’t I do this before? » If you are not a naturist, this may entice you to pay a visit to the nearest naturist club or resort. Naturism is one of the best things of this life. If you arrived to this blog and read those words, it’s because your interested had been piqued. Take the next step, try! Believe all of us, once you tasted naturism, you will never, ever go back to clothed holidays if you have the choice!

Enjoy the read!

(C) BN, 2015

(C) BN, 2015

Didn’t your Mum tell you? Cabbage is good for you!

Regular columnist Roni Fine asks women not to think why should I be a Naturist, but why not?!

Okay, hands up all those who were brought up to always try the food on their plate and not take one look at it and declare, “I don’t like it”? My Mum always told me to try it before deciding because I might well discover that I DO like it! Apply this to everything new you encounter and you could lead a full and interesting life!

How many of you, particularly the women reading this, have never actually tried Naturism but are stubbornly declaring it is not for you and you won’t like it?! Continue reading…