Some great advice on hiking nude

Naked hiking is gaining momentum and increased visibility with this article from Mens Journal. I’ve written on naked hiking, and have given 10 good reasons to do so. Although this article focuses on the US and particularly on US National parks, it comes with two sound advices:

  1. Ask permission
  2. Join a group

Let’s look at why those are great advice.

Ask permission

WNBR_London_2014_9Asking permission is pretty straightforward. In most cases, permission will be granted, as non sexual nudity is generally accepted. There are numerous articles on this activity that demonstrates the acceptance of it by a majority of people. Asking permission is particularly important if your hike crosses private land.

Permission granted, you will hike more relaxes and will enjoy more your hike. In some countries, like Austria for instance, non sexual nudity is allowed by law, therefore you can enjoy freely. In others, like France, the law is unclear and you may drop on the wrong side of the fence without really wanting it. Better safe than sorry, keep handy something to cover yourself in case of encountering somebody and have your naturist federation card with you.

Join a group

nrc2Joining a group is probably the best thing to do if you wish to hike in your birthday suit. There are more and more naked hikers group in most countries, look for them around you and join. An online network like whose mission is to provide a safe place for people to post Naked and Active content may help you to find like-minded people around you.

Furthermore, beyond being a safer choice, hiking naked as a group is much more fun and social. Naturism is all about sharing, and joining a group will bring your naked hiking practice to another level. Not only you may increase the number of your naturist friends, you will increase the number of naked hikes you will participate in, because most of the groups are really active.


Beware though, naked hiking is addictive. Once you have started, it’s very difficult to hike again with clothes on. The feeling of freedom of hiking naked is unmatched. Give it a try, you will probably never regret it!

If you look for more information on naked hiking and want to hear from experienced naked hikers, I recommend wonderful book Naked Hiking, that exists in French, under the title Randonue.

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Naked climbing

Here’s a very cool article on a naktivity (an activity you can practice naked) on a mainstream web site.

Here are a couple of quotes from the article.

…it turns out clothes might as well be sandbags

…climbing takes so much of your focus, you forget you’re naked

It’s a great feeling to climb nude. It’s empowering for me.

Another proof that: 1. nudity is very well accepted by normal non-judgmental people, 2. tons of activities, including climbing, can be practiced sans clothes. Naturism is awesome and with more people sharing their love of it in normal activities in mainstream press, it can only get wider acceptance. Respect is a two-way street!

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A naked world at peace!

Picture this: You are strolling down a country road by yourself on a warm summer day when seemingly out of nowhere, a handsome young adult male appears before you. Visualize him however you want, i.e. low, flowing hair, muscular body, whatever. He appears to you as an ideal 20something specimen — and he is stark […]

via Paradise: Your call — Jillian Page: Reflections on life in the global village

Is Britain ready for everyday nudity?


A very interesting article in the mainstream press about social nudity. I do not want to paraphrase the article, but it’s a very interesting viewpoint from a journalist who claims not being a naturist but who tried nudity in public. Here are some quotes from the article I find insightful:

« Being naked is profoundly liberating »

« Practising naturists had higher self-esteem and body confidence »

« A naturist whose intention is limited to going about his or her lawful business naked will not be guilty »

« Being naked on public transport is totally fine; fare dodging is not »

« The law is very much in favour of naturism. Completely, in fact. It’s the culture that’s the problem. You just have to keep chipping away »

« For a cold, rainy and, in many ways, intolerant island, Britain has proven remarkably open‑minded when it comes to the unclothed »

And if you like this article, make a donation to the Guardian! Free and independent press is crucial to democracy!

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What I Learned Spending a Day at a Nudist Resort

A nice article about a nudist experience: What I Learned Spending a Day at a Nudist Resort. Although as a long time naturist a day naked has a different ending. Here are some highlights of this article:

  • Pubic hair is out. Definitely not entirely true but by being naked among other naked people, we realize a lot of people get rid of their pubic hair for sure.
  • Scrotum piercings, however, TOTALLY IN and people are hiding insane tattoos. I think that most nudist don’t care about other people piercing and tattoos, but yes being naked reveal everything.
  • The difference in human bodies is staggering. And this is great for body acceptance!
  • Being told you look younger isn’t a compliment when you’re naked. Not really sure about this one.
  • It’s easier to be friendly when you’re naked. Definitely a great characteristic of nudists.
  • Swingers and fetishists overlap with nudists, but they’re not the same thing and nudity doesn’t equal sex. Social nudism is about carrying your normal life naked. And yes, some nudists are swingers, and some swingers are probably not nudists, but these two groups of people (swingers and nudists) are not the same.
  • Never underestimate the value of sunscreen. Simple truth!
  • Eye contact is critically important. Even more in a nudist environment where staring is a big no-no. And by looking at people in the eye, you see their soul.
  • We naturally want to be clothed. No, not true for everybody, particularly for nudists who have embraced the lifestyle, we naturally want to be naked.

As you will read, even if you disagree with some parts of this article, I think overall it’s a great view on nudism and its many benefits. Enjoy!

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Nudity isn’t indecent. It’s a noble British tradition

Common sense and how things went haywire: Nudity isn’t indecent. It’s a noble British tradition

« There is barely a public building unadorned with a naked sculpture, yet we criminalise the real thing. »

A lot of good common sense in the above article with clear examples of how society became stupid about the naked body. A good read and good idea for a dinner conversation. What do you think?


Grape Harvest in the Nude!

This article is two years old but rings a lot of bells for naturists:

Nature squad harvests Bertus’s grapes

This reinforces the message of nudity being a natural state and the fact that any activities can be done naked. This shows as well that nudity in total freedom, that is outside of « naturist » resorts and beaches, can be accepted by people.

As naturists, we know that nudity is not inherently sexual. Society, culture and religion have associated nudity to sex and shame, but this association can be undone and we can find our freedom back. The freedom to be naked alone, with friends, at home, in nature and carry on our daily activities in the best suit we have, our birthday suit!

The idea is really to go and talk about naturism and non-sexual nudity to as many people as possible and look for possibilities to expand our range of naked activities. With green and ecology becoming more and more important, nudity and naturism may gain new supporters and acceptance in society. Go get naked and let’s have fun!

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Take It Off: 7 Struggles Of Being A Nudist In A World Full Of Clothes

naturist-shopperGreat to read an article in a mainstream online media written by a nudist female sharing her experience of naked living. 7 Struggles of being a nudist in a world full of clothes explores what it is to be a nudist, part of that body freedom minority, in a clothed world, where people are generally not comfortable with nude bodies and associate nudity to sex.

The author, Gigi Engle, explains her daily struggles as a nudist. Written in a funny tone, this post details briefly seven of those struggles that may make non nudist scratch their heads. Here they are:

  1. You make people uncomfortable. It’s true that when nude with clothed people, you are not the one who is uncomfortable as you accept your body and generally others’ too. It’s those clothed people who are not sure how to behave with you. Give it a try! It’s funny, then when accepted, it’s just becoming the new norm. Beware not to shock people, especially kids, who may not be prepared to your nudity though!
  2. You’re confused by exercise. It’s true that if you exercise to get a good-looking body, allow everybody to look at it. However, I feel you may struggle with this one if you are exercising for looking good. In my case, I am exercising for feeling good, or better, in my own body. Looking good is a by-product of feeling good I think.
  3. You don’t own pajamas. I do not struggle with this one. Sleeping with any form of clothing on is pure nonsense.
  4. You’re always hot. Ah, ah, true that when the weather is warm, wearing anything makes you hotter. As soon as weather permits, get naked, of course!
  5. When you get drunk, the clothes come off. Get your clothes off without getting drunk, it’s much healthier. Furthermore, I feel you have more fun naked.
  6. You never feel like you’re being your true self. This is an obvious one for many naturists/nudists. You feel totally yourself when you have nothing to hide physically. It’s who you really are!
  7. People think you’re hypersexual. This is the one reason why people are booing nudists, mixing nudity and sexuality. Every naturist/nudist knows that being socially naked is not about being ready to have sex every minute. As the author rightly says: « Being naked and being sexual are two different things ».

There’s an eight struggle I have: « Non nudist rationally understands nudism but are not willing to try ». This is to me the biggest struggle I have. If you understand what makes a nudist and agree with all the good reasons, then why not giving it a try?

I would love to see your comments. In the meantime…

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Why getting naked in front of others?

Okay, tons have been written about naturism, why it’s so relaxing and its numerous and various benefits. However, as I was walking on one of the many tracks of the beautiful nature and naked retreat of SunEden, and I saw a naked couple walking towards me, an evidence stroke. Why was I naked in front of those people, and why those people – I did not know – were naked in front of me?

There’s only one reason: because they felt good! I feel good when I am naked and there’s no other reason why I am a naturist. To me and many naturists, nudity is natural, it’s comfortable and I just feel good naked!

Of course, this is not something that came overnight. Actually, yes, feeling good naked came overnight but realizing this was a complete natural feeling shared by millions of people worldwide took time. But there’s no other explanation to being a naturist. Naturists know there’s nothing sexual in being a naturist. Naturists know there’s a big, big difference between being a naturist and being an exhibitionist, which is linked to sex and arousal. I’m not aroused because I’m naked and nakedness does drive arousal in a naturist environment.

But yes, this was it, this is the answer to give to non-naturists when they ask you why you are a naturist. Just because I feel good. Of course, this can drive the discussion to body shame, body acceptance, accepting our own flaws, looking at people in the eye, the benefits of naturism, and becoming who you really are. And the advice you should give non-naturists is to just try. Of course some people will be totally against trying. But at least, they should accept that naturists are just normal people who just do not see a naked body as something inherently wrong or to be hidden.

So next time you meet a naturist, get naked, and next time you meet a non-naturist, explain why he/she should get naked. Because in the end, there’s no better lifestyle on this planet and no other way to feel really, really good in our own skin!

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