My naked morning run – dare, enjoy, and share

This morning, the sun was shining and my mood was joyful. It was the ideal time to go for a run in the best possible suit: none. After a simple breakfast with the family, I put my trail shoes on (no five fingers this morning, I need a new pair), a cap, my GPS and grabbed my pareo to be able to cross some roads, then on I went.

Although it was a little chilly and my body reacted showed some goosebumps, I was feeling well. After around 500 meters, getting warmer and entering the forest, I took away, folded my pareo and tucked it under my cap. I was naked in nature for the next hour or so. I was alone in the forest, accompanied by birds, a light wind and the rising sun, which from time to time lightened my path and warmed my body.

The best was yet to come. Some path had high grass that was wet by morning dew, and without trying to avoid it, what you would do if you were wearing shorts for instance to avoid getting wet, I ran through it, appreciating the freshness to cool my body who started to sweat. It was just a wonderful feeling you can only appreciate in nature while entirely naked. I regretted my five fingers at that time, because my shoes got wet too and got heavier. Buying a new pair of five fingers is definitely on my list.

Almost halfway, I met a group of woodcutters. I heard them from afar, so I put on my pareo just to pass by them. They saw me at last second, I greeted them, they wished me well and went on their duty, probably not even noticing I was just wrapped is a very light pareo. After a 100 meters I was again naked. I could have stayed naked while passing the woodcutters, but I always prefer to be respectful of workers in those case. With other runners I meet, I generally stay naked. I do not know why, probably moving runners do not notice I’m naked, or that’s the way I think, who knows? Anyway, after a good fifty minutes and eight kilometers, I was back at my departure point, sweaty, warm, my body full of dopamine and endorphins, and I felt so good, I had to share this naked morning run on my blog. This is it.

As a conclusion, running naked or practicing any sport naked is a choice that, as nudist, I do anytime I can. Of course, sometimes, I have my own reservation, and I do not “dare” to get naked. But most of the time, there’s no real rationale behind the choice of not getting naked, and I realize this more and more, spending actually more and more time entirely naked. I feel better naked, there’s little to no risk to cross an anti-nudity hardcore individual if you choose wisely the place you get naked. So my advice is to jump and get naked as often as possible if you feel great naked like I do!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked, and Share the Naked Love!

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