A new scientific study shows that participation in naturist activities predicted greater life satisfaction

Naturists are happier! We have heard or read this sentence often. The feeling of people being more relaxed, more friendly, more smiling in a naturist environment is something that every naturist has experienced. A recent scientific study has proven this and more. Here’s the abstract of it:

« Body image dissatisfaction is a serious, global problem that negatively affects life satisfaction. Several claims have been made about the possible psychological benefits of naturist activities, but very little empirical research has investigated these benefits or any plausible explanations for them. In three studies—one large-scale, cross-sectional study (n = 849), and 2 prospective studies (n = 24, n = 100) this research developed and applied knowledge about the possible benefits of naturist activities. It was found that more participation in naturist activities predicted greater life satisfaction—a relationship that was mediated by more positive body image, and higher self-esteem (Study 1). Applying these findings, it was found that participation in actual naturist activities led to an increase in life satisfaction, an effect that was also mediated by improvements in body image and self-esteem (Studies 2 and 3). The potential benefits of naturism are discussed, as well as possible future research, and implications for the use of naturist activities. »

You can read the complete study here. This is a great rational testament to naturist activities. We all, naturists, know that being naked carries a feeling of freedom, respect for others and helps to be more body positive. And now, this comprehensive study proves the point. Naturism helps to get happier. Is there any reasons not to try?

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Nue sous le soleil: on ose ou pas ?

L’article n’est pas tout récent, mais résume bien dans les grandes lignes le naturisme. Il commence par quelques-uns de ces bienfaits : confiance en soi, détente et bronzage intégral. Il continue par quelques conseils avant de se lancer : choisir un grand centre, commencer par la plage, parcourir les forums naturistes. Puis il termine sur les blocages potentiels : la nudité permanente, le regard de l’autre, l’amalgame avec la sexualité et les enfants.

Donc un article court qui incite à considérer un séjour naturiste, sur un site de grande audiance: http://www.topsante.com/forme-et-bien-etre/mieux-vivre/mieux-se-connaitre/nue-sous-le-soleil-on-ose-ou-pas-12073.

Si après l’avoir lu, vous vous posez encore des questions et n’êtes pas certain(e) de franchir le pas, lisez 10 façons d’être confortable avec le naturisme pour vous aider à apprécier la nudité et la rendre normale dans votre vie.

Essayer le naturisme, c’est souvent l’adopter. Essayer le naturisme, c’est s’ouvrir à un style de vie différent, plus respectueux des autres et de la nature, plus ouvert et plus sain. Essayer le naturisme, c’est (re)découvrir le souffle du vent et la caresse du soleil sur votre peau. Comme le dit si admirablement Gibran dans le Prophète, Sur les vêtements :

Et n’oubliez pas non plus la terre rêve de toucher la plante de vos pieds et que les vents languissent de caresser le velours de votre corps et de jouer avec votre chevelure

Prêt à tenter l’expérience ? Découvrez les 10 conseils de notre partenaire naturisme.fr. Vous y trouverez votre prochaine destination week-end ou vacances et pourrez gouter au bonheur du naturisme !

Dénudez-vous, restez nu, vivez nu et partagez l’amour du naturisme !

What I Learned About Body Positivity By Running Naked At A Nudist Ranch

Another wonderful article in the mainstream press about naturism and body positivity. Some wonderful quotes:

I stopped seeing naked people and just saw people

It’s not often in your life that large groups of people openly accept you and cheer for you despite what your body looks like or your physical ability

Social nudism isn’t about seeing and proving; it’s about experiencing

Everyone is naked and vulnerable. When no one is hiding behind masks, it makes it much easier to accept one another and yourself

Read the full article from the Huffington post here: What I Learned About Body Positivity By Running Naked At A Nudist Ranch.

And if wonder what to wear to run naked, read The perfect gears to run naked.

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Why practicing yoga naked?

Among many questions people ask about naturism is what do naturists do naked? My natural answer is anything that can be done safely. Yoga is one of the many activities where being clothed does not make any sense. Willow from Naked in motion explains why Nude Yoga is the video below.

I find it to be a great summary of why practicing yoga naked. There are many benefits to yoga. There are additional benefits to nude yoga as described in previous posts: I Took a Naked Yoga Class and I’ve Never Felt Better About Myself, and Yoga undressed, a wonderful liberating practice.

Yoga is among the hundreds of activities you can practice naked and once you try you never go back to wearing anything but your smile.

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…and naturists can be older people too!

Naturism knows no age, no gender, no skin color, no religion, no body shape. It’s for every body and everybody. Naturist welcomes and respects all who shares the joy of nudity. It’s one of the best lifestyles, if not THE best!

the sl naturist

Following on from my post about the need to reflect age, at one end of the scale, in naturism, it’s also important to reflect age at the other end of the scale in naturism. Because…

…nobody is too old to be naked.

Indeed, the joie de vivre displayed by many older naturists is a thing of wonder, a guide for how we should all hope to live the autumn of our years.

You can enjoy naturism at any age, and indeed many people discover it later in life. There’s no rules regarding the number of candles on the cake, or where the needle stops when you step on the scales. Remember that! You’re beautiful, regardless of weight, shape or age. Enjoy and embrace naturism.

I get peeved when I read comments about how ‘someone that fat shouldn’t be getting naked’. Why not? Naturism isn’t confined to people below a certain…

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Why It’s Good To Be Naked In Public

Naked is normal! Well written article. I particularly like this sentence « It’s not about never feeling insecure, it’s about having the power to acknowledge those insecurities and choosing to lean on your confidence instead. » Nudism helps building confidence.

sarah kim bonner

Version 2I got a real naked education when I moved to Europe. I wouldn’t say Canadians are prudish but, in our unfailing commitment to be polite, being naked in change rooms, sporting events, the beach… it just isn’t…nice. In Europe, the social climate of nakedness is totally different and, I’ve realized, it’s good to be naked in public.

Naked is Normal

My first naked experience was going to watch a bike race in Holland. I unavoidably saw countless very, very white bums as riders changed in the street post-race. That experience turned out to be normal at sporting events in France and Spain too. On the beaches,  I saw women of all ages and shapes (natural and man-made) frolic and sunbathe topless without anyone batting an eyelash. At the physio or chiropractor wherever I was living, I was the weirdo who wanted to keep my shorts on. I was so shocked at first. I couldn’t believe how…

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Is Britain ready for everyday nudity?


A very interesting article in the mainstream press about social nudity. I do not want to paraphrase the article, but it’s a very interesting viewpoint from a journalist who claims not being a naturist but who tried nudity in public. Here are some quotes from the article I find insightful:

« Being naked is profoundly liberating »

« Practising naturists had higher self-esteem and body confidence »

« A naturist whose intention is limited to going about his or her lawful business naked will not be guilty »

« Being naked on public transport is totally fine; fare dodging is not »

« The law is very much in favour of naturism. Completely, in fact. It’s the culture that’s the problem. You just have to keep chipping away »

« For a cold, rainy and, in many ways, intolerant island, Britain has proven remarkably open‑minded when it comes to the unclothed »


And if you like this article, make a donation to the Guardian! Free and independent press is crucial to democracy!

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Social nudity, what’s in it for you?

The title asks the question, the post provides the answers. Answers because there are as many answers as they are nudists. This means there is everything for each of us in stripping down at any nudist beach or resort. Now, let’s be 100% clear: social nudity and sex are two different things. Social nudity in the sense of being naked with friends and strangers is about spending time and having a good time without any sexual idea. Sex is private, naturism is social, this is the basis of the concept. So what’s in it for each of us getting naked in front of others, friends or pure strangers? 3 key answers in my opinion.

1. Total body acceptance

I am who I am, you are who you are, with your scars, your six-packs or your piercing. We all know beauty is within, so the body can be freed from any clothing and convention. Many studies have shown that getting naked in front of others increase confidence and body acceptance. Society has created an illusion with the perfect body, the perfect outfit and the perfect sex. Perfection is now 100% Photoshopped. By getting naked and sharing your nudity, you are centering yourself to who you really are. This is a liberating experience, anybody can share.

2. Total freedom

Every time I take all my clothes away I will 100% free. Can I explain what happens, no? It’s just this incredible feeling deep inside. Every nudist I talk to feels the same. Trying nudism is becoming a nudist. Of course, the newbie nudist will generally requires some time to become 100% comfortable with nudity. There are so many social, personal, religious conventions to set aside! But once you understand this incredible feeling of freedom is acceptable and actually normal, a whole new world opens in front of you!

3. Total acceptance

There have been tons of ideas shared about friendship among nudists. Getting naked in a nudist environment is just the norm. Therefore, you are about to meet tons of friendly people who share one common passion: nudity. This may sound cliché, but although you will not become friend with every nudist you’ll meet, you share at least one common point, and this makes a whole difference in making new friends and acquaintances. Who ever you are, what ever you look like, you belong to this incredible wonderful family of naturists, and you are about to discover this means a lot!

So what’s in it for you to embrace the nudist lifestyle? The question is still valid because there are lots of misunderstandings of the nudist lifestyle and nudists are still a minority. Being a nudist does not reduce your choices, to the opposite, it expands them. Some people will look at you as being weird and may be will leave you. This is life. True friends will stay friends and will actually potentially join you as nudist. Others will leave. Although this is sad, it will carry a message of acceptance of differences, and IMHO, I’d rather have friends who accept who I am than hiding from friends who may leave. This is all personal.

With this in mind, what stops you from trying? Open you mind and join the movement! Naturism is just awesome!

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Le naturisme, pour qui, pourquoi ?

« Le naturisme ? Se mettre à poil en public ? Certainement pas ! » Tels sont les propos que l’on entend souvent de non naturistes à qui on parle de sa pratique naturiste. La nudité est un sujet tabou pour une vaste majorité de personnes, que ce soit pour des questions sociales, religieuses ou culturelles. Pourtant, il suffit d’interroger un échantillon de naturistes sur une plage, un camping ou un centre naturiste pour se rendre compte de la diversité de la population naturiste. Comme disent les anglosaxons : « Naturism is for every body », jeu de mot entre « everybody » : tout le monde et « every body » : tous les corps, c’est-à-dire tous les types de corps. Cette simple phrase indique que vous soyez enveloppé ou mince, grand ou petit, quelle que soit votre couleur de peau, vos opinions politiques ou votre religion, le naturisme est pour tout un chacun !

Pour qui ?

Comme indiqué, tout le monde ! Tout un chacun peut devenir naturiste. D’après la Fédération Française de Naturisme, 11 millions de personnes passent chaque année des vacances naturistes. Si cela représente un sous-ensemble des vacanciers, il est non négligeable. L’offre est d’ailleurs pléthorique, que vous aimiez la campagne, la montagne ou la mer. Il suffit de parcourir le site de notre partenaire naturisme.fr pour s’en rendre compte. Tous ces centres de vacances ou de loisirs proposent des hébergements et des activités à l’identique de tout autre centre, la seule différence étant la nudité.

Vacances village naturiste 3Cette différence fait toute la différence. Si le premier jour peut être empreint d’une certaine angoisse. Se mettre nu en société n’est au début évident pour personne. Les inhibitions tombent cependant rapidement et le bien-être vous envahit. En effet, quand tout le monde est nu, la nudité devient accessoire, invisible… naturelle. On se rend vite compte que personne ne se regarde avec insistance, que personne ne se juge, que tout le monde vit sa vie sans se préoccuper de la forme des seins, de la pilosité ou de l’embonpoint d’autrui. La simplicité et le naturel prennent vite le dessus.

Et au final, tout naturiste vous dira que l’atmosphère en centre naturiste est infiniment plus décontractée, respectueuse et amicale que dans un environnement « textile ». Tous partagent en effet ce bien-être que procure la nudité sociale. Essayer le naturisme, c’est généralement l’adopter !

Pourquoi ?

Pourquoi devenir naturiste ? Il existe autant de raisons que de naturistes. Cependant, le lien évident est la nudité, et le bien-être qu’elle procure. Certains aiment cette égalité, d’autres la convivialité, d’autres enfin juste le confort de la nudité. C’est cependant ce dernier point qui est le dénominateur commun de tous les naturistes : cet incroyable confort de la nudité en commun. Je précise bien en commun, car certains sont, ou seraient, gênés d’être nus au milieu de personnes habillés. Cette gêne est souvent ressentie sur les plages dites mixtes, où une majorité porte un maillot de bain et une minorité est nue.

Quand la communauté naturiste est minoritaire à un endroit, certains naturistes ont tendance à s’habiller, en raison de la gêne occasionnée par les regards de travers de certains textiles. Cela tend à accréditer la thèse d’un plus grand respect du côté des naturistes, qui seraient plus prompts à accepter les textiles que l’inverse. Il existe cependant des naturistes radicaux qui voient d’un mauvais œil les textiles au milieu des naturistes.

Loin de rentrer dans une polémique, le confort de la nudité reste le point commun entre tous les naturistes. Ce confort, on le ressent dès les premières minutes, au bout de quelques heures pour les novices. Quand on s’est approprié le détachement du regard de l’autre. On vit pour soi, dans son propre corps, à l’abri de quelconque jugement de valeur. Avec le naturisme, on retrouve une humanité perdue, une forme de paradis humain, de bienveillance, sans angélisme. Il est à noter un effet

Le naturisme, pour tous, aussi souvent que possible !

Le naturisme, ni religion, ni philosophie, est avant tout un art de vivre, pour tous, aussi souvent que possible. Le corps humain est partagé par l’humanité. Comme l’a écrit Gibran dans le Prophète : « N’oubliez pas que la pudeur sert d’armure contre l’œil de l’impur. ». Se mettre nu, c’est laisser au vestiaire cette honte et cette pudeur qui ne sont pas acquises mais enseignées, pour le bien des hommes et des femmes nous dit-on. A chacun de juger, des millions de naturistes de par le vaste monde ne peuvent pas avoir totalement tort. Et le bonheur ressenti par une nudité partagé ne peut pas non plus être totalement mis de côté. Alors quelle que soit vos convictions, faites l’essai du naturisme. Vous n’avez rien à perdre, sauf vos vêtements. En revanche, vous aurez tant à gagner en humanité et en bonheur ! Prêt à tenter l’expérience ? Découvrez les 10 conseils à lire avant de s’essayer au naturisme.

Dénudez-vous, restez nu, vivez nu et partagez l’amour du naturisme !

Crédit photo : naturisme.fr

Why are nudists such friendly people?

Another great post by Naked Wanderings. I like the tribe idea, which goes well along the one that Seth Godin is describing. Naturists from a kind of a tribe, which assembles itself by share nudity. However, I think naturists and nudists are more friendly because they are more accepting of differences.

Human beings come in various forms, shapes and colors. However, the image that is carried by the media is almost always that of the perfect body. Go to any nudist beach or resort and you will see humanity in its entirety, far from the perfection that is shown on the media. And this is a commonality among nudists. They do not laugh at people because they are different, they accept them. They do not frown at differences, they respect them.

Naturists are accepting everybody and every body, this is what makes, in my opinion, this secret sauce that makes naturists more friendly than any other group of people.

Enjoy the post from Naked Wanderings: Why are nudists such friendly people?