Idée naturiste n°2 : être nu chez soi


Voici une autre idée évidente, mais combien d’entre nous vivent cela au quotidien ? S’il vous arrive de dormir nu (ce que j’espère, car c’est la meilleure façon de dormir), préparez et prenez votre petit déjeuner nu. Lorsque vous revenez du travail, déshabillez-vous, prenez une douche et restez nu jusqu’à ce que vous alliez vous coucher.

Si vous partagez votre espace avec votre famille et vos amis, discutez naturisme avant, dites-leur que vous êtes (devenu) naturiste et que vous pourriez être nu dans la maison, si cela ne les dérange pas. Cela peut être une discussion difficile et maladroite au début, mais ce sera enrichissant, car vous passerez plus de temps dans vos vêtements préférés. C’est un excellent moyen pour que d’autres personnes se déshabillent et rejoignent la communauté naturiste, et pour être plus à l’aise nues pendant que d’autres sont vêtues.

Dans tous les cas, être nu à la maison dans toutes les circonstances possible, si la sécurité et la température le permettent bien sûr, est un excellent moyen d’augmenter votre temps nu.

Partagez vos commentaires ci-dessous.

Dénudez-vous, restez nu, vivez nu et partagez l’amour du naturisme !

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    • I have slept naked a few times and find it very good. In fact i slept nude last week. In the summer I sleep just about every nite in the nude. But to get my wife to join me is out of the question she is against it, Religion is part of it.

  1. Of course many of my close friends and family know I am a naturist but I have to consider my husbands feelings on this as well as he is not a naturist and not comfortable with my being naked among our friends. The fact that he allows me my social interactions outside of home was a big step for him. Who knows, maybe one day.

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    Certainly something I have considered in the past but as I share my home with my husband it is not something he would agree to. What do other married couples do when only one person is a naturist?

    • I am in the same boat with you. I am the nudist she is not. I would love to go nude in my home but I have to watch it like now because her brother is staying with us and also when grand kids are here. I sure would like her to join me but that is out of the question. She is to religious.

  3. fortunately my bf and I enjoy being naked at home. I am a naturist, he is not. I also work from home, and will wear a t-shirt and sometimes socks but no pants or underwear. I absolutely love it. cuts down on laundry too… if I am wearing clothes and I can’t get warm with layers, I undress and the body regulates the temperature better. It is better to be naked.

  4. I talked to my family and now I’m naked most of the time I’m at home. Just talk to them. Gage the reaction. Do what feels best.

    • Congrats on your action. Respect needs to go both ways. If you feel better naked and your family is fine with this, it’s a great you can live this way! Keep the nudist spirit high!

  5. As a couple, we indeed live entirely naked at home and we can only say it’s wonderful to be free from clothes and shame all the time. Body freedom is a great pleasure and surprisingly easy, when you get used to undressing when arriving home. Obviously, it removes any obstacle to pleasant interactions as well, it’s very natural and feels good without all kinds of inhibitions. Just take off those silly clothes, useful for cold and safety outside, totally useless when you’re safely at home!

      • It’s a pleasure Marc, to contribute to this wonderful website, with its appropiate title, indeed being naked means being happy! Great work, very inspiring for any nudist and promoting nudism for all those who did not yet try it. A small addition to living naked at home: be sure to go barefoot as well, it strongly adds to the feeling to be free, you are reminded of being nude with every step you take!

  6. I spend most of my time naked at home and luckily also at work, as I’m a professional nude model.
    My girlfriend and I have been naked around non-nudist friends but only in a beach setting.

  7. Siempre que la temperatura lo permite me encanta estar desnudo por casa.y dormir desnudo. Me sube la autoestima. Me siento más libre.y más ágil.

  8. I have slept naked a few times and find it very good. In fact i slept nude last week. In the summer I sleep just about every nite in the nude. But to get my wife to join me is out of the question she is against it, Religion is part of it.

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