Nudist idea #65: get an overall tan

I personally find tan lines disgraceful. If there are times you cannot be entirely naked, you need to do your best to avoid tan lines, by either stay away from the sun, get tan through swimsuit or just get naked!

Image result for tan linesTan lines are the result of getting under the same with some clothing on, like the lady on the left pictures. Of course, if you are never naked, you may not care at all. However, if you are a nudist, it will make you smile or cringe. In all cases, it’s better to try to avoid tan lines and the best way is to get suntanned entirely naked, using good sunscreen to protect your skin, particularly in those places that are not used to see the sun often, after a long winter with clothes on.

Image result for nudist with no tan linesHaving no tan lines is more beautiful, IMHO. It’s also showing your dedication to nudism/naturism. Many of us naturists pay attention to get tanned without wearing anything from the first days of the year. This way, we avoid all nasty tan lines and prepare our skin to get an overall tan. Although we need to protect our skin, from the Harvard Medical School, exposing it moderately to the sun has many health benefits. The mindbodygreen website provides 10 healing benefits of sun exposure, both physical and psychological. Not counting that with wet swimsuits your covered parts remain web longer and this can cause skin disorders. So in our case, the more skin the merrier: get your whole body exposed by getting naked. No wet swimsuits, total freedom and no tan lines. I still cannot find one positive benefit of getting tan lines, but just to conform to what society wants us to believe is good… Get naked, get tanned, forget tan lines and invite your friends to join!

Do you still have tan lines or not? What about having none? We would love to hear about your experience in the comment section below. As usual, Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Why we need to distinguish nudity from sexuality

Very sensible and well written article following the cancellation of a nude swim event in Calgary, from The Globe and Mail. For naturists, the distinction is obvious, but we need to continuously educate others of social nudity and its many benefits. Nudity is natural and normal, social nudity is otherwise called naturism and it’s an awesome lifestyle. Society definitely needs to distinguish nudity from sexuality and naturists play a huge role in this.

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How Becoming A Nudist Helped Me Accept My Body

A great article on body confidence and how nudism helps, from the mainstream press:

Going to nudist events made me realize quickly that there is no “perfect” body. Nudists (or naturists, if you will) consider the human body a beautiful creation, and something of which no one should be ashamed.

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What I Learned About Body Positivity By Running Naked At A Nudist Ranch

Here’s another great article promoting body positivity and naturism in the mainstream online press: What I Learned About Body Positivity By Running Naked At A Nudist Ranch. The subtitle is “Eventually, I stopped seeing naked people and just saw people.” I would say almost all is said in this subtitle. This says clearly naturism is not about exhibitionism or voyeurism, it’s just about being who we are.

As naturists, we know naturists look at each other in the eyes and do not judge others by their body shape, color, size or any physical trait. This is why I really like this article. Ponder this quote for a moment:

Social nudism isn’t about seeing and proving; it’s about experiencing

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Nudist idea #4: Participate in a naked run

Some years ago, the Huffington Post published a list of 5 Epic Nude Runs That Would Knock Your Socks Off. If this list is a good start, there are ton of others naked runs, as seen in the Naked Running Races 2017 blog post.

Image result for nude runningNot only running is a good exercise, naked running is even funnier! You actually do not need much gear to run naked as I described in the perfect gears to run naked. It’s therefore a great opportunity to visit a nudist resort and make new nudist friends. You can also propose the run to your fellow runners who happen not to be nudist. This is a way to make them discover nudism.

All those naked runs are generally great fun, with a festive spirit and joyful crowd. If it happens in a nudist environment, grab the occasion to spend the whole week-end. If not, like Bay to Breakers for instance, book your week-end in the closest nudist resort so you can enjoy more nude time (and drive naked to the place if you can). Note however, that naked running is highly addictive. You will have hard time to wear running shorts and shirts after having experienced naked runs. But hey, you will still be able to run naked more if you plan carefully!

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What does being nude mean to me?

what-does-being-nude-mean-to-me-1-11Here’s a great post from The Nude Blogger: What does being nude mean to me? It’s simple, respectful and full of good sense. If you follow social networks news, you may have heard about the nude blogger, as Jessa’s Instagram account was suspended then reactivated after an uproar of her followers. A great win for body positivity advocates accross the world.

In the What does being nude mean to me article, Jessa goes through her own feelings and sensations. Of course, it’s aligned with how most of us perceive nudism and naturism: freedom. Freedom from the dictatorship of brands. Freedom from the dictatorships of labels. Freedom from materialism. Pure freedom!

However, what resonated very well with me was this sense of vulnerability. I wrote about vulnerability after watching Brené Brown’s TED talk. I think vulnerability is an important aspect of nudism. As we strip down from our clothes, we are exposing to the world who we are. We cannot hide behind conventions anymore. And by exposing ourselves, we become more receptive to others, to the surroundings, to nature.

It’s very difficult to express this sensation of complete vulnerability that leaves us in a complete state of receiving. To quote Jessa:

We are left with this air of vulnerability, something so truthful.

what-does-being-nude-mean-to-me-2-21In the post I encourage you to read, she goes around what vulnerability does for us and for our soul. I hope you will enjoy the post as much as I had because it resonates well with why I believe naturism is an awesome lifestyle, particularly at that time of the human history, clogged with ridiculous expectations, pressure and artficial needs. Of course, we should not become incredulous optimists, but we should strive at making this world a better place, and nudity can surely help!

Get naked, stay naked, live naked and share the naked love!

Note: both pictures of the above post come from the Nude Blogger’s post.

Réflexions naturistes

Je passais un agréable moment à la plage naturiste. Le soleil dardait et un petit vent caressait ma peau nue. Allongé sur ma serviette, je regardais passer les promeneurs. Certains étaient habillés, vêtus de leur maillot de bain, une majorité était nue. Des couples, des hommes et des femmes seules, des enfants, de jeunes, des moins jeunes, venus comme moi profiter du soleil et de la mer.

Un couple avec un enfant en bas âge s’était installé un peu plus loin. Ils avaient gardé leur maillot. Ils ne tardèrent pas à être se faire remettre à l’ordre par une naturiste leur demandant de se mettre nus ou de se déplacer vers la section textile de la plage. Ce qu’ils firent après un bon quart d’heure, sans doute gênés par toutes ces personnes nues qui passaient devant eux.

La vue de ces textiles qui déambulaient par moment me semblait incongrue. Que faut-il pour les faire passer du côté clair de la force naturiste ? Comment leur faire comprendre que ce morceau de tissu est inutile et qu’il est infiniment plus confortable d’être nu ? Rien d’autre que ce que tous les naturistes font déjà sans doute : être nus ! Apprécier la nudité partagée sur une plage naturiste. Ces textiles viendront ou pas au naturisme, en comprenant les nombreux avantages.

Je regardais autour de moi. Il y avait des dizaines de naturistes, de tous âges, de toutes les formes possibles, tous unis par ce bien-être que procure la nudité en plein air. Un bonheur et une sérénité partagés. Un père et ses deux enfants jouaient dans l’eau, le naturisme simple et heureux.

L’heure de rentrer avançait cependant. Il allait me falloir me résoudre à retourner à mes occupations. Me sentant trop bien nu, je me levai, rangeai mes affaires et me dirigeai vers ma voiture. Environ 300 mètres séparent la plage du parking, un autre naturiste avait pris la même décision et retournait nu à son véhicule. La nudité simple est naturelle et normale, marcher nu était une évidence. Nous croisâmes au total quatre personnes dont un couple avec qui j’échangeai un bonjour, sans que cela semble les choquer que je sois nu sur cette bande de terre sableuse menant au parking.

Je rentrais déjeuner, fit ce que j’avais professionnellement à faire, puis repartais pour une courte randonue. Je ne pouvais pas laisser passer cette journée sans aller profiter de ses derniers instants ensoleillés, d’autant que le mauvais temps était annoncé pour le lendemain. Je tenais ma promesse de mes cinq randonues de l’année.

J’optais pour une randonue rapide d’environ sept kilomètres, au milieu de la forêt. Arrivé au parking, aucune voiture, la nudité serait donc de mise depuis le départ. Pendant les prochaines deux heures, je parcourais le chemin balisé, en communion totale avec la nature. J’étais bien, simplement nu au milieu de cette nature accueillante. Je revenais à la voiture, et revenais à la maison, sans avoir rien porté depuis mon arrivée sur la plage. Il en irait comme cela jusqu’au coucher. Un bonheur que de passer cette journée dans le plus simple appareil.

Dénudez-vous, restez nu, vivez nu et partagez l’amour du naturisme !




Why I’m Getting Naked On The Internet – #getmorenaked

Jessi Kneeland’s “purpose on earth is to help all women break free from the body image issues, fear, shame, and armor that hold them back”. And this is one of the reasons she’s decided to get naked on the internet.

Jessi is a coach, teacher, speaker, and writer dedicated to helping women love their bodies. What better way to love you body than to first accept it naked when you look yourself in the mirror. As she says in her About, “Your body affects how you think and feel, and how you think and feel affects your body. Learning to love and accept yourself requires working on, and healing, both ends”.

Her post is an ode to nudity, the deeply rooted explanation of what nudity can bring to any human being. As she rightly writes, “instead of seeing that breasts and bellies and thighs come in all sorts of wonderful shapes and sizes, we see only bodies that have been surgically and digitally altered to all look more or less the same”.

The human body comes into so many various shapes that we forget diversity makes beauty, not uniformity. By totally accepting our own body, nudity becomes natural again. So simple and so difficult at the same time. Difficult because society is brainwashing us to consume more, to want more, to have more.

By embracing naturism as a lifestyle, we are more, more human, more ourselves, more true. Being a naturist is not easy though, as Jessi claims, “I know some people won’t understand, and won’t approve. I know I’ll probably lose followers for this”. May be, but the people who loves you and understands you will get closer and will be even more faithful. And beyond this, you’ll embark many women and men who feel uncomfortable with their own body and who will learn from you and your experience.

Naturism is one of the best lifestyles to get back our natural lives, to accept and be accepted for who we are, not for what we claim we are. Naked, we bare our soul too. I close this post on a file quote by Jessi:

Our naked bodies are all fundamentally, inherently, and eternally right, and I challenge you to stop running from them.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live naked and Share the Naked Love!

Want Better Self-Confidence? Get Naked!

This is probably one of the best articles I’ve read on how to boost self-confidence by embracing nudism. Although this article focuses on getting comfortable in your own skin by sleeping naked or practicing yoga naked, it does not touch on social nudity.

However, embracing the naturist lifestyle by spending time with other naturists in the buff starts by getting comfortable with oneself. And on that, the article of Danielle Keating is spot-on.

Here are a few quotes from the article:

Not only is baring your skin natural, but going nude is also rich in both psychological and biological benefits.

If you work out alone, the best fit is nothing at all.

Self-love is attainable and can be obtained through nakedness, because when you strip down, your physical and mental health goes up!

One comment was insightful too, from a psychological point of view:

How empowering it is to do something that you may feel is a big deal and discover that you are fine.

It’s true that the first time you undress, you may feel uncomfortable, but growth comes from moving from comfort zone to un-comfort, so that your comfort zone increases. One additional point for the people who are definitely not familiar with nudity is to “unlearn” the relationship between sex and a nude body.

Society has been building this relationship for years by sexualizing heavily the human body. However, as any naturist know, nothing is further from the real truth. Being naked does not have to mean having sex. Being naked means accepting our own body and being comfortable with it. Once you are OK with that, you can move to the next step which is being social with your own nudity and with others.

You will find 10 Ways To Become Comfortable With Nudity on this blog. I sincerely think the above article will help you getting comfortable with your own nude body and will get you closer to become the naturist you can be. However, watch out! Naturism is very addictive. Once you try, you may never go back to being textile.

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Nude is the way to practice yoga

Here’s a wonderful article on nagna yoga, that is naked yoga, or yoga practiced sans clothes, written by a yoga and meditation teacher, Alex Myles. Not only the pictures, uncensored to display the glory of the human body, are stunning and awesome, the text is so refreshing on the freedom that nudity procures. Here are some quotes from the article I particularly appreciated.

When practicing yoga I do so fully naked as a way of honoring and uniting each part of myself.

Although being naked has come to feel very unnatural for many, when we are naked we are in our most natural state of being.

Practicing yoga naked is the most liberating, self-loving and self-accepting thing I have ever experienced.

That was one of the greatest lessons I learned—to breathe, accept and let go.

Removing clothing, rather than putting fabric on my skin, to practice yoga seems to me the most natural thing to do.

I see the body as a work of art, an ever changing masterpiece that is an outer reflection of our inner nourishment.

There are many other quotes that resonated deeply. However, the strongest part was the description of the first time Alex got naked and how she fought her feelings of insecurity and the journey of her liberation. It’s a beautiful text on the beauty of nudity I was writing about yesterday, and an calling to practice Yoga, and other sports and activities, naked.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!