When nudity becomes the new normal

When nudity becomes the new normal

The day you join a nudist resort, club or beach, you enter a new world of freedom and respect. However, there’s something you may not know yet: nudity is about to become your new normal. Let me explain what I mean by new normal.

Becoming a nudist

A lot of first time nudists will eventually become lifetime nudists. Every nudist will talk about this wonderful feeling of freedom, as soon you understand nobody cares about how you look. Nudity becomes therefore an accepted state. Generally, this is when you start to stop thinking about being naked. You just are enjoying the moment, without clothes.

Of course, time will come when you need to get dressed again. A certain level of sadness will fill you, as you leave this wonderful state of freedom. Rapidly, if weather and security allow, you will feel the need to get naked again. This could be your home, your garden or any place that accepts your nudity.

After a couple of days or weeks, you will feel immensely better entirely naked than with any form of clothing, even light and small. This is the moment I call the new normal. Your nudity will feel natural, simple, a real no-brainer. Up to a point that you will feel the need to share this with your friends and family. This is also the moment when you will want to have some books on naturism to know more, to subscribe to the magazine of your local naturist federation and leave them on your coffee table, or to just ask your friends to join you in your naturist life.

The New Normal

And your new normal will be the beginning of a wonderful naturist life. Naturism is, IMHO, the most wonderful lifestyle. The levels of freedom, friendship and simplicity are just unmatched.

The only caveat is naturists are still a minority and nudism is not widely accepted. However, it’s growing with movements like Free the Nipple or associations like APNEL, more and more people are exposed to non sexual nudity. It may need another century to be able to chose nudity as a possible clothing option, but I hope we will get there and the next generations can freely chose to be naked whenever and wherever they want.

Try nudism and you will discover a new world, where nudity will soon become your new normal.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

33 Replies to “When nudity becomes the new normal”

      1. Yes we have tried to stay nude when some of our friends drop by for a visit. However they have expressed to us they do not want to see us nude, especially my husband and his genitals, which I find very sad.

  1. Nudity is great, and so is “free the nipple” but don’t confuse them. Free the nipple is just about equality, not nudity. Topfree women are no more nude than barechested men.

  2. Originally, nudity was the norm. For tens of thousands of years humans were nude before clothes were created for warmth, decoration or social status. Cultures and religions made nudity shameful or sinful. It’s always been normal in some cultures, subcultures and families. It is normal once people overcome their conditioning that it is bad. Females are conditioned to wear make-up and certain style of clothes to look good. Nudity may never become normal everywhere because of the clothing industry, religions, etc. reenforcing the idea that it is unacceptable.

  3. It will take a long time for the culture to change. We need to proceed slowly. First there needs to be clothes free zones in large cities as there is in Paris. Second, there needs to be universal (all States) female top freedom.

    1. Thank you for your comment John. I agree, this will take time. This starts with each of us, naturists, to promote and advocate social nudity.

  4. Me and my wife are going to a nudist camp for the first time this year. I am 56 and my wife is 54 are feelings are a little up and down but cant wait to go

    1. At age 47, I went for the first time last June. I loved it and am now a member of a nudist camp. Hope you goes well for you…I’d love to hear about your first experience.

  5. I discovered outdoor/social nudity at the beginning of this past summer. Hiking, swimming, and just plain relaxing under the sun with other like minded folks has been one of the most positive, liberating, stress relieving things I’ve ever done! It didn’t take long for me to reach the point where it felt natural and I could just enjoy the moment.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience Rick and reading that you embraced naturism so fast! All the best with the awesome lifestyle. Stay naked!

  6. My girlfriend and I were in Orlando on vacation and decided on a whim to go to a nudist beach which turned out to be located inside an actual nudist community with people who actually lived and raised their families there… it was extremely enlightening and easily the best time either one of had ever had really liberating to just be free without fear of judgement can’t wait to go back really want to learn and experience more

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